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Hair Color: Golden blonde brownish carmel. It's weird.
Eye Color: greenish grey
Favorite Color: Aqua
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Year You Were Born In: 1999
Are You Wearing Socks? If so, what color?: White with blue stars.
Necklaces?: One with a tootsie roll on it.
Bracelets?: Just a watch and a hairband... don't know if that counts.
Do You Wear Makeup?: Sometimes.
Favorite Show: Doctor Who
Favorite Book: Gone, Battle of the Labyrinth, Ender's Shadow, Mockingjay and Prince Caspian.
Celebrity Crush: Charlie Mcdonnell, Matt Smith, Tom Hardy... So basically, british boys.
Band You Hate: Chemical Romance is kinda annoying
Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo
Fictional Character Crush?: The Doctor, Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo.
TV or Internet?: Internet
What Country Do You Live In?: USA
Anything You Don't Like About Your Country?: People think we're fat... And there is WAY too much alchohol here.
Accent You Imitate: British
Nationality: American
Any Piercings?: ears
Tattoos?: No
Ever Been to New York City? I want to!
Los Angeles?: Yes :)
Florida?: nope
Ever Been to Another Country?: Well, Canada... but that doesn't really count for me... I want to go to England and Greece and Paris and Italy. Basically, Europe.
What Color Shirt Are You Wearing?: White cami
Last Thing You Ate: Nutella
Last Thing You Drank: Water
Last Song You Heard: Noserings and Shoestrings ll Nina Nesbitt
Did You Like This Quiz: Yes
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