age- 22
hometown- Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
apartment- 203
bio- Gillian MacGregor grew up in Michigan with her mother and her step-father after her dad died when she was 6. She had the kind of life that most girls dream of – graduated at the top of her class, had the best clothes, boys fell all over her, went to Yale for her undergrad and graduated as valedictorian there, but there was always something missing… Gill always craved adventure in her picturesque life. So she packed her things up, took her parents’ credit card and flew to Barcelona where she’s been living for the past two months, waiting for something unexpected to finally happen to her. But that’s the thing about planning surprises, it never works out. Will this Michigan girl make the most of her year here or will she be too caught up in making something happen to notice everything unexpected that’s happening around her?
occupation- taking a gap year from university and med school; hotel receptionist
style- sundresses, sunglasses, bikinis, shorts, casual, summery, beachy, fun
looks – dreama walker
status- single, just got out of a three year relationship 

I lived on the second floor of La Casa – meaning I hear several fights in Spanish both above and below me each day. Spanish was hardly my strong suit (I took German in high school and university) and I was still struggling with trying to understand the real life telenovellas that were occurring all around me. There were often English words thrown into the fights with more international residents in La Casa than anywhere else, but I preferred dreaming of what fights the people were having when I could barely understand any of it. It was part of the charm of La Casa and Barcelona in general.

I leave my apartment at 5PM sharp, ready for a late shift at the hotel. I was a receptionist there and was hired immediately the first day I came. I was Yale educated with a degree in biology, taking a year off to explore the world instead of barreling head first into med school. They hadn’t even bothered a reference check when I told them, but I was enjoying the work nonetheless. Mindless work where I interacted with different people every day, wanting to explore Barcelona just like myself. It was so unlike me and my family’s expectations for me that I loved it even more than I should.

“MacGregor is early again,” Chad laughs, as I check the clock. 5:13. My shift started at 5:30. “Eager beaver,” I sing. “We don’t mind having you around here as long as possible,” Jared, my supervisor, who was undoubtedly attractive and I spent far too much of my time fantasizing about him, says to me as I shoot him a coy smile. Jared had asked me out a couple of times, but I still wasn’t ready to date. I didn’t know what was holding me back. My ex-boyfriend was banging his high school girlfriend and was the reason why we broke up. I should have already had several conquests but the prim and proper Gill would never let that happen, so I never did. I kept hoping Barcelona would change that. Being around such passionate people I was hoping I’d be able to delve into whatever passion was lurking around in me, but I was striking out so far.

Barcelona would change that eventually. It had to.

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