---major major major drama in this story

Happy Post Fourth of July! Because all of the nannies were busy watching the minors yesterday, all of these fine ladies have decided to meet up at Bar Louie for some half priced martinis. Rumor has it that there will also be a few private investigators in disguise at the bar--staking out to watch the nannies. Is it possible that they might know of the nannies troubling pasts? Hmm, I guess one of the ladies will just have to ask them.


"Now Cain." 

Why does he always have to give me that puppy dog face. I swear, I am a sucker for animal faces like those. 

"FINE. But, if your mother finds out that you are playing on your XBox, blame your brother." 

Cain grins at me before rushing out of the living room and downstairs to the Lopez's media room. 

I roll my eyes at his magnificent speed and notice Landon watching me carefully from the kitchen. 

He smiles at me before turning around and walking to the fridge. 

I sigh loudly and head into the kitchen to explain my night's plan to Landon so that he isn't ...worried. 


I start to say but nearly jump as Landon shuts the fridge and turns around to look at me. 

"You're idio---boyfriend is here."

He mumbles before exiting the kitchen. I stare at his reflection in the kitchen's mirror, and I sigh again. 

"I'm going to a bar. Don't worry, I will make sure to be drunk!" 

I yell loudly before grabbing my bag and exiting the front door. 

Just as I am about to close the wooden door, a firm arm grabs my wrist. 

Landon whispers into my ear to be careful around Timothy, and I can't help but laugh. 

"Are you really that jealous?" 

I ask Landon sarcastically. He glares as a response and closes the door. 


After a steamy make-out session in the car, Timothy speeds off with me in the passenger seat. 

I lean my head back against the leather seat and scroll through new messages on my phone. 

Ursula sent me a threat, Channary wants to talk, and Nico wants to know what psychotic medication I'm on. 

I just have the greatest friends. Truly.


Timothy lowers the radio and turns to look at me every few seconds. 

I look up from my phone screen and turn to Timothy and ask him what's wrong. 

"There's somethi---"

Then, like a thousand volts of pain, a car slams into the driver's side of our car, sending us into a large ditch. 

Glass shatters onto my lap, and I find myself screaming as Timothy is yanked out of the car by two hooded men. 

I ignore the pain of the debris and lunge for Timothy's arm, but miss by inches as he is placed into a car. 

I try my hardest to get out, but the two hooded men make sure that I am stuck. 

I begin to scream frantically but it doesn't do anything. 

Nothing at all. 


Eventually, an ambulance comes and takes me inside, but I claim that I'm fine. 

The two doctors onboard look at each other and turn to look at me. 

"Here's the money that you will need. Third floor, second door." 

I stare at the two men like they are crazy, but before I can speak, they both open up the ambulance door and push me outside. 


I turn around and realize that I am standing feet away from Bar Louie. 

I look inside through the windows and notice Nico twirling her hair around some sort of cop. I also spot Ursula typing on a laptop. 

After a silent prayer I head inside. 

Before I can even grab a menu, a tall brunette hands me a drink and gestures towards an empty booth. 

I stare at him bewildered and explain that I am nearly engaged. 

He laughs and tells me that he knows "who I am" and that he will reveal my identity to the world if I don't follow him. 

I casually place my hand on my hip, gripping my dagger beneath my outfit, but I can tell that this man knows who I am. 


I mutter and slide into a one person booth, leaving him to grab a chair. 

He takes a seat and shows me my mugshot from Madagascar. 

I try and keep my composure as he looks at me to see if I move at all. 

Before I can bother to tell off the guy, Channary pulls up a seat and smiles brightly at the brunette. 

"What's your name?" 

She purrs. 

I slap my hand against my head and look around the room, realizing that all of these men must be some sort of investigators. 

The man explains that his name is Luke. 

That's my cue to leave. 

I slide my drink over to Channary. 

"It's vodka on the rocks. Enjoy it." 

I say coolly and walk off to pay Ursula a little visit. 

As I walk, thoughts of Timothy race through my mind. 


I freeze and realize that Landon is standing right behind me. 

Then, everything moves at lightning speed. 

I spot Channary throwing my drink at the brunette. 

He glares at her and grabs a knife from his pocket. 

Then, all hell breaks loose. 

The nannies begin attacking the investigators, minus me. 

I turn to look at a stunned Landon. I spot someone lunging at him, and I quickly push him aside and grab my dagger. 

The hooded figure. 

I begin to duel him with my dagger. He's quick with his movements and appears to know where I will strike next. 

We eventually begin backing up to the bar's ancient elevator. 

I corner him onto it, and I try and close it but he grabs my arm and forces me to step on. 

Out of the corner of my eye I spot Landon wrestling with a redhead. 

"What did you do to Timothy." 

I whisper. 

"B613 will kill you if you repeat what I am about to say." 

My eyes grow wide. 
The organization that plots horrific schemes against the United States government. 
Leo was part of this group. 
Timothy's cousin. 

Before I can ask the figure what he means, a gun shot can be heard and I scream as the figure collapses onto the ground with a wound the size of an eos lip balm. 

I whip my head around and notice that we haven't moved. 

I quickly press the up button and duck as another bullet whizzes past my head and lands into the brick wall. 


I take off the man's hood and nearly pass out. 

"U-Uncle Joey?"

I whisper. 

He nods and stutters with his words as his breathing slows. 


I begin sobbing as his breathing stops. 

Time seems to slow down. 

Words can't express what I'm feeling. 

I just, I just can't. 

The elevator opens and I vaguely remember the message that the doctor gave me at the car wreck. 

Third floor, second door. 

I step off of the elevator and proceed to the second door. 



I hear a roar yell milliseconds before another gun shot can be heard. 

I quickly duck onto the ground as a large body collapses onto me. 

Once the gun shots stop, I begin coughing. 

The body gets off of me and turns me over, forcing me to look. 


I begin crying. 

"Suri, listen to me." 

I shake my head no and close my eyes. 

None of this is making sense. Nothing at all. 


My eyes fly open and I look at Landon with a scared look on my face. He has never once yelled at me like this. 

Another pair of arms grab me and I begin kicking as I am thrown into a room. 

The door locks, and I begin banging on the door. 

I hear Landon yelling, and I begin to cry even harder. 

"Hello daughter." 

I stop crying and freeze. 

I hear a figure get up from a chair and walk towards me. 

I turn around and stare into the face of my mother. 

The alcohol addict. 
The crack addict. 
The mother who chose drugs over me. 
The mother who put me in pageants to pay for her drugs. 
The mother who went through boyfriends on a weekly basis. 

She kneels beside me and gives me an evil smile. 

"Is that anyway to treat your command?" 

And then, it hits me like a freight train. 

All of those times I was put in pageants and she wasn't there. 
She was in Washington DC.
All of those boyfriends who spoke to her in different languages. 
They were her coworkers. 

"This was all just a facade, wasn't it." 

I say after a while. 

My mother nods and tells me that I need to go. 

"I may be your mother, but in this moment I am the most wanted citizen in the western hemisphere. I am command of the organization B613. Your uncle wanted to tell you and he was eliminated by one of my own people. He wanted to save you. As for your little friend Landon, well, he's my special project. Ah, and your boyfriend. Timothy. He will recover but you will never see him again. You and your little crew of nannies killed Leo, second in command. Only a blood relative can take over. Timothy will be training alongside me. If he ever tries to leave he will be killed. If he talks to you, he will die. Now, go." 


I am escorted out of the room by two buff men. 

I don't know what to tell you. 
I was sedated before I could attack my mother. 


When I wake, I am in my bed at the Lopez's. 
I have a headache. 
No, a migraine actually. 

My door opens, and I notice Timothy standing there in the dark. 

I nearly jump out of my bed, but am restrained by Landon's arms. 

"Shh. He has two minutes before he has to go. Make it quick." 

Landon leaves the room and Timothy takes a seat on my bed and holds my hands. 

Silent tears stream down my face. 

"Don't cry Suri. Please don't cry." 

I rest my head on Timothy's lap. 

"I love you." 

I whisper. 

Timothy kisses my head and I begin to whimper. 

"You know what you have to do if we are to ever be together." 

I close my eyes. 

I will have to kill command. 
I will have to kill my own mother. 

Timothy begins to rise and I grab his arm and beg him not to leave me. 

"Suri, I need you to forget about me. If you ever mention B613 to anyone they will come and kill you. I promise to find a way to come back to you if I can. I have ordered Landon to protect you. Please don't hate him. Just..."

Timothy trails off and look at his beeping phone. 


I whisper. 

Timothy turns towards me and mutters under his breath before kissing me softly on my lips. 

Tears fall down my cheek as he pushes me down against the bed. 


When I wake, sunlight is streaming into my room through my half closed blinds. 

I turn to the half-empty bed beside me. 

I close my eyes and force myself not to cry. 

When I open my eyes, I notice a small black case on my other pillow. 

I open it and smile sadly at the picture of Timothy and I from his house the other day.

It seems like an eternity ago. 

I hold the picture tightly to my bare chest and close my eyes. 

If I kill my mother we can be together. 
If I don't, I'm better off dead. 
If my mother dies I become command. 
If I become command, I will be the most wanted criminal in both hemispheres of the world. 

#carpediem if you read it all :)
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