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 "Ally, hey, Ally" I said as i approached her , I had promised Liam i'd attempt to talk to her and that is what i was doing expect Ally seemed to be ignoring me. "Earth to Ally" i grinned, waving my hand in front of her face. She shook her head, "Hm?" She replied. 

 "How you going?" I questioned smiling. Ally shrugged casually, not giving a verbal answer.

 "What's that mean?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. She shrugged again, "I'm alright" she said with a fake smile on her face. "Perfectly alright" she said.

 "You're lying" I said, helping Ally with the carrot seeds. We were both on our knees, our knees becoming covered in soil. "This is Liam's ultimate dream" i said to nobody in particular; i didn't do well silence , so if i had to think outloud i would. "TMI" Ally said shaking her head.

 "Like you can talk?" I said letting out a small laugh, Ally raised an eyebrow "You're the one who openly discussed going further in your relationship with Scott" i said , did she forget this happened or something?

 "1. I was talking to Grace about it privately, and 2. your boyfriend was snooping" she said bluntly. I raised an eyebrow "I'm sorry, Ally" I said.

Ally looked up at with me wide eyes , "I didn't mean to seem, uh, snobby" I said. "But to be honest, Ally, it's something that just happens, you can't plan it." 

" Why must I be given the sex advice? Go talk to Scott about it or something." Ally said with a huff.

"I've tried once." I said frowning at the memory. "But that was just painful." It really was for all involved, pillow had been thrown at me , Scott had crashed in to his door trying to avoid it and he called me mum and i was no where near old enough to be his mother.

 "Do i even want to know?" Ally asked a hint of a smile on her face. "Probably not." I said with a laugh "But it's not the point. I will talk to you because we both know we are the mature one's in our relationships."

"I like to think I'm that mature one" Ally stated, y, glancing toward the guys who had mud smudged on their cheeks and were shoving each other. I grinned atleast they were talking now , I suppose they would end up in the garden rolling around in some sought of mini war which i am sure i'd get told was very important.

 "Trust me, we are"I reassured Ally, shaking my head at the boys. You couldn't take them anywhere without them making a fool of themselves. "Actually, we are by far the most mature" I added quickly, Liam had Scott in a head lock. 

 "What'd you want to talk about?"Ally asked "A couple of things" I paused, smiling gently. "Well, first of all, you can't be angry at Liam forever. You know you love him dearly and he means well" I spoke , she just nodded looking less than impressed.

 "You can't be angry forever" I nudged Ally lightly in the ribs. "It wasn't right to do what he did" She replied quietly, looking down at her hands. "I've just needed time away from him, what he did hurt" She finished. I wrapped an arm around her kissing her on the forehead.

 "And secondly" I paused yet again, "are you really ready?" Aria asked, a hint of excitement in my voice. This was a big step for her. "I mean, this is exciting, no?" I added.

"Aria this is uncomfortable." Ally said with a frown. I rolled my eyes "Ally. Are you seriously ready?"

"Yes" Allynodded, standing up quickly. "Why must you question my decisions?" She asked quietly. "I'm mature and you don't give me credit for it" She added. 

 "It's been, what, a month?" I replied, standing and making sure Ally couldn't pass me if sh tried to escape. "You could barely stand to hear Liam and I talking to you a while back, let alone doing the deed" I said, matching Ally's quiet tone.

 "I understand you're looking out for me-" Ally began, pausing. "I don't want you thinking you have to because of him" I said, nodding my head toward Scott. 

 "When did you first sleep together? You and Liam" She raised an eyebrow. 

Liam and I are very different to you and Scott , so the comparison would be irrelevant." I said slightly uncomfortable by the subject change . 

 "How so?" Ally asked tilting her head curiously. I was sure she was enjoying the sudden change in power.

 "Well it wasn't like we were the first ..." I said trailing off. I couldn't just say because neither of us were virgins and we both knew what we were doing, no i am pretty sure that Ally wouldn't take that the right way. "It's just different." 

 "Well how did you know you were ready with Liam then?" 

 "I just did."

 "That's isn't really an answer Aria." Ally chimed.

"It is so, now, lets end it here" I crossed her arms over her chest, forcing a smile. "Then you can stop questioning whether I'm ready"

 "Just don't make a fool of yourself" i advised as we walked into the garden centre. "Thank-you?" 

 "Did you make a fool of yourself?"She questioned.

"What while having sex?" I said raising an eyebrow at her. "Oh yeah that is why Liam and i keep 'practising.' " I said sarcastically.

 "I'm sorry" Ally apologised , before looking down "I have to go to the bathroom" she lied.

 "Ally" I sighed, "don't take my sarcasm seriously" i added.

"Are you sure that was sarcasm?" Ally asked looking down a little. Great she had moved so far forward on confidence and now i had done some damage.

 "Positive." I said with a smile.
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