I have the house to myself so I decide to do my homework >_< Yep, thats me. Though I do have two essays to write for Monday which I need to start still. I wish I could go back to primary school when the hardest thing to do was to colour inside the lines. Ugh I hate high school so much :(
Oh yesterday my form teacher was telling us about this valentine dance. Everyone is inviting all these boys from different schools when there's me who is taking my friend Laura. She's my lesbian lover ;) jkjk people take all that stuff so seriously in my school. That's the bad thing about all girls schools, they are soooo bitchy. It acc does my head in D:
Oh something else so report...RYLAN WON BIG BROTHER! Ahh I'm so happy :D I was screaming my head off when Brian said his name. It was Xfactor all over again when he broke into tears :') Though I can't believe Speidi came second. Like seriously?! They're like the most hated people to ever be on big brother and they came second! Who the hell voted for them?! I can'tget my head round it :S
Well I better start my essays..
Jessica is over and out xox
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