Romantic Vintage Ballet Flats - Le Bunny Bleu

safe and sound // taylor swift feat. the civil war.

this song is too beautiful.

the tryouts in sdf are incredible, we didn't expect to get so many in only a few days! it's insane!
keep them coming lovies, the more the merrier!
join + tryout:


this is also for violet alexander, part two.
part one:


As much as I tried to forget the mystery guy in 4C, I couldn't. It was like his face was imprinted into my mind, branded on my heart. I sighed, tying up my hair into a bun while heading to my kitchen. On the way, I tripped over an empty box and sailed to the floor, hating myself for being too lazy to pick it up earlier. And look, now I have a bruise on my leg. Just lovely.

I had a sudden urge to stalk the hallways until I bumped into hot elevator guy, but I knew I couldn't. I had work... great. Limping a bit, I grabbed my bag on top of my kitchen table, and slipped on a pair of oxfords (what I always wear), and hobbled outside, locking up my door. I pressed the elevator button, praying he'd sneak up behind me again (and maybe this time turn me around and kiss me lightly on the lips and then there'd be fireworks and lightning inside of my soul and outside even in this small hallway which really isn't possible bu-)

"Hi there," A slim blonde shimmed up beside me, grinning. I turned a bit, knowing for a fact that she was his girlfriend. I've never seen her before- and come on, she was /drop/ /dead/ gorgeous. 

"Hi," I smiled, fighting the urge to slap her even though I'd probably fail miserably, and just look like an idiot.

"I'm Cassandra, but call me Cassie! I just moved here with my boyfriend, Daniel." She said, as the elevator dinged and the doors opened.

"Oh wow, that's nice. I'm Violet by the way," We walked in, and I looked at her again, wanting to slam myself against the wall. She definitely was a model.

"Are you a model by any chance?" I sputtered, immediately regretting it. I probably sounded weird, or like some creepy recruiter. "Not in a weird way, but you're so pretty." Oh God, that was even worse.

"No," She laughed, "but thanks! I'm actually a lawyer, or well, studying to be one." Well, now I know she can probably find a way to put me in jail or fine me for going after her boyfriend.

"Oh that's great. I'm a writer, actually." I smiled.

"That's so funny, because Daniel is too!" She grinned from ear to ear, as my heart dropped to the floor.

He was perfect... wah.

"Well bye, but you should come over for dinner or something soon, we'd love to get to know some of the neighbors!" She waved, then headed out before me.

"That sounds lovely!" I called after her. Hah, lies. Watching Cassie and Daniel fawn over eachother, and talk endlessly about how they fell in love is enough to make me barf and move away to another state. Or country. 

"Love built on beauty, soon as beauty, dies." popped into my mind. Hm, maybe Daniel is just with her because well, she's gorgeous. Hopefully.

I left the building, heading toward the train to my (sucky) job.


I sat down at my small cubicle, logging into the ugly computer that was manufactured into my desk so some idiot didn't try and steal it. 

"Violet, we need another story." My coworker, a sweaty overworked man who looks like he needs a bath more than a new job, said to me, throwing a notepad next to me. I rolled my eyes, and took it, examining it quickly. I couldn't wait until I worked at the New York Times. That was my dream.

The thing is... I've never applied. I'm too scared. I've gotten close to scheduling an appointment, but chicken out the last second. Terrible thoughts and questions swarm my mind like flies and I slam down the phone or shut off my computer and resort to frozen ice cream and a date with my television. 

Maybe someday I will, I mean my resume really is nice. Great collage, many extracurriculars and lots of classes for writing, but it's my job that sucks. 

And really my life in general.

`Violet Alexander.

@deercat & @istylista :)
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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
I'm going to the midnight premiere of THG too... this song is perfection and so is this set <3

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Violet is fantastic.
Love the song.
This set is the colour of perfection. And autumn. I miss autumn. It's like way better than summer, except for the classes part. But summer is so overrated. And yet. I am excited for summer.



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