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Delilah Montgomery 
age- twenty-two
hometown- huntsville, alabama 
apartment- 604
bio- Delilah's one of those girls who doesn't know what she wants, and gets by from day to day. Not in an alcohol-consuming, drug-overdosing kinda way, she is just genuinely unsure what she wants to do. There are too many things to be accomplished, but not nearly enough time to do it all. Her dream job changed from a painter, to a marine biologist and countless others to what she's currently passionate about: becoming a winemaker. So she hightailed to her uncle's vineyards in Barcelona after completing an online degree for science two years ago, where her warbles can be heard across the vineyards. Since then she's moved to the city, where she's an apprentice in a winery owned by her uncle. But now that she's here, she's having second thoughts, again. Inside the body of a twenty-two year old is just a scared little girl who's unsure of her place in the world. And this little girl has some growing up to do instead of just running away. 
occupation- apprentice at Paladar Vinoteca
style- loose and breezy, nothing too fitting, colorful or with too much prints. Lots of shirts, blouses and shorts. 
looks- taylor swift
status- single, but uninterested 


You know what's the best thing about waking up in the streets of Las Ramblas? You're never woken up with the monotone beeps of an alarm clock, or the rumbles of an engine. 

Just the smell of breakfast, the sound of street performers and the pure blue sky you see just outside your window. 

Screw the french; /this/ is the life.
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