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8. Pastels, pastels, pastels.

i am finally back home from a week of camping. as much as i do love camping i just have to say "thank. god." haha oh my god like for most of the time we were there it rained, one day it down poured and all freaking day, not kidding. but the best part of the entire vacation had to be when we decided to go for a hike on thursday. so i went along with my cousin alyssa, her friend sarah, her other friend casey, maggie, her friend erin and maggie's younger cousin teven {who's like seven}. so we climbed up the entire way {which is an accomplishment and a half because i haven't climbed it in years} and there's this little river you have to cross to get from one side to the other. so when we were coming back, i took off my shoes to cross and i had a blister that had already pealed so instead of putting my shoes back on after we crossed the river, i went bare foot. but it wasn't that bad because everyone else did. my cousin alyssa actually climbed up the mountain bare foot {craaazzzyyy}. 

so as i said before we're coming back and the day before was the day that it rained practically nonstop. throughout the climb there and back, we had to walk around the puddles which had about like five-six inches of dirt. now we're all walking around this huge puddle and i slipped and fell on my side, i had mud ALL along my side. but fortunately sarah slipped exactly where i had only she literally fell into the big puddle. lol. 

so afterwards sarah and i went swimming in the pond in our muddy clothes to get the mud off. easily the best day. :)

- rae
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