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December 21st – 23rd: Event: Today, we’re all meeting with the judges for breakfast at The Grand Californian [http://disneyland.disney.go.com/grand-californian-hotel/storytellers-cafe/]. Enjoy your Mickey-shaped waffles while you can, because after we’re all done eating, it’s time to talk to the judges on your own. One on one time with the judges is crucial, so make sure to make a good impression. 
Challenge: Make a set featuring your character’s background, the face character they want to portray, and so on. Take this as an opportunity to show who you really are to the judges. After all, we’re not just our characters.

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I folded my fingers together, twisting them tightly as I sat nervously in anxious anticipation for my turn to wow the judges. A million and one thoughts were flying through my head: should I mention why I love Broadway? Is it too much to say that I'd love to play Belle in the Beauty and the Beast musical? Or maybe that's a bit too over-the-top. Maybe I should say that my inspiration is Jodi Benson? Ooh, okay, maybe that's a bit over-the-top too. Or rather, a bit suck-up-ish. Is that a word? Ooh, my waffle looks like Minnie Mouse.

I stared for several seconds at the waffle placed in front of me. It was too beautiful too eat. Yet, I was starving. In a matter of a few minutes, I had fully devoured the entirety of the waffle, plus the bacon, and eggs and was working on polishing off the last bit of toast and jam. Obviously my nerves didn't affect my hunger.

I leaned back in my chair, satiated with food, and looked around the room. All the other contestants seemed to be either incredulous to the upcoming questioning by the judges or very very nervous. My eyes flitted to Gabriel, who was sitting across from me at the long table, picking at his half-eating waffle like he was some passe gentleman who didn't feel the need to be here. 

"What do you think they're going to ask?" I whispered. 

Gabriel didn't seem to here me, so I gently nudged his leg with my foot. That certainly caught his attention as he jumped from his seat, rattling the silverware and dishes in his vicinity. A few people looked over, but he cooly played it off.

"Oh, you're talking to me now? Jeez, I'm going to get whiplash from your mood swings," he replied, rolling his eyes with that devilish smirk that he's perfected.

I huffed and rolled my eyes back at him. Two could play at that game. "I said, what do you think the judges are going to ask? I need to be prepared so i can answer as best as I can."

"That's your problem," Gabriel said, pointing his fork at me like it was an extension of his finger. "You're prepared. You need to be a bit more relaxed. Get yourself comfortable. Loosen up. Don't over-analyze every detail as if it's some role you're auditioning for. This ain't Broadway, love."

"I'm an actress. Analyzing is what I do! And plus, this /is/ a role I'm auditioning for," I defended, crossing my arms defensively across my chest.

Gabriel smirked again as a soft chuckle escaped his lips. "Well, then play the role naturally. Make yourself feel comfortable and just go with the flow. Only then will people start taking you seriously," he said. 

"Elena, you're up," Chloe called from the room next door.

"And that's my two cents," Gabriel smiled smugly and leaned back into his chair, crossing his arms behind his head as he relaxed. I stood nervously from my seat and left the table.

'Cool and calm, Elena,' I reminded myself. 'Act natural.'

"Hey!" I smiled, greeting the judges as I closed the door behind me. Henry and Chloe were seated in two comfortable chairs, facing an empty love seat that I presumed to be my spot. They looked casual, relaxed. Exactly what I needed to be, according to Gabriel.

"Hi Elena, how are you?" Henry asked.

"Pretty good," I replied as I sat down. "A little too full, though. That breakfast was to die for."

"Oooh, I know, isn't it?" Chloe cooed.

Henry nodded his head in agreement, then glanced at the clipboard he was holding. "So, why don't we get started with you telling us a bit about yourself."

"Alright, well, my name's Elena, as you probably already know. I'm from New York City; lived there all my life. I kinda have a big pride about NYC. It's a special place in my heart and I rep it proudly," I giggled.

So far, so good.

"I recently graduated from Juilliard, where I majored in musical theater. Also, if you don't already know, I'm a hopeful Broadway actress...but then again, I have an awful habit of making that very known."

"Ooh, have you done any shows yet?" Chloe questioned.

I shrugged my shoulders. "A few off-Broadway performances, yes. I've also done several workshops, but I have yet to be cast in a show. I'm hoping to eventually do that, though. Maybe start in ensemble and then work my way from understudy to lead. That's partly why I'm auditioning to be a face character. I think it would be wonderful experience and plus, this is aaallll about acting--especially improvisation."

"That indeed, yes," Henry nodded. "So why Ariel?"

I pursed my lips and pondered the question. Why Ariel? Why did I choose Ariel?

"To be quite honest, I'm not sure. Since I was like five or six, I've always loved Ariel. She was my favorite Princess and I can specifically remember every Halloween from 7-11 years old, I would always dress up as Ariel. I guess I've just never let that childhood love for Ariel go, which is partly why I stand here today eagerly ready to wear the red wig and don the tail." I shrugged again and crossed my legs. "But I guess she also represent part of myself: she's adventurous and daring and isn't afraid to reach for her dreams and make them possible. She may get in trouble and she may make mistakes, but she does it all out of love. And I can definitely identify with that."

Chloe and Henry nodded simultaneously. "Wonderful. Anything you would like to add before our session comes to an end?" Chloe asked.

"Umm," I paused, thinking furiously what last-minute details I should add. "Well, I'll just say what comes to mind..." And so I listed random facts about myself.

"My favorite color is pink. I can sing soprano. I hate winter. I used to be a figure skater. I can play the piano very well. And my first Broadway show was Phantom of the Opera."

"Ahaha, thank you very much Elena!" Henry smiled. "Alright, I think that about covers everything. You can go now. We'll see you real soon." 

And with that, I quickly left. All that worrying and I think everything actually turned out alright. It was hardly enough to fret about.
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