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{ faded futures }
Elisa Knight

collab with @elephantisamor
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@peaceloveglitter wasn't sure on our characters' relationship/how to portray payton!

The boutique opening was really not what I was expecting. Considering Lewisburg and the town in itself, this boutique was more or less a blessing. In my opinion, anyway. As I rummaged through some of the racks, picking out a few items of clothing here and there, I heard a couple of snaps and noticed a light flash once. I immediately turned around to see what it was, alarmed. There was a girl standing there with a large camera in her hand, looking fashionable and pointing it at me. "Uh, hi.." I murmured.

She moved the camera down and away from her face with a smile. "Elisa, hey." I raised a curious brow. How did she know my name? "It's Ella."

"Oh!" The name rang a bell. But the face, it surely didn't match the one I had pictured in my head. Some people do change, but I see that Ella's change was for the better. Her hair was out of her face, her features more prominent... she just looked more like a grown woman now. "Hey. What are you doing with that big old thing?" I pointed at her camera.

"Just taking some shots for the store."

"Hopefully you have some good ones of me. I'm not so sure how I look while I shop.." I bit down on my lip with uncertainty.

Ella just laughed. "You look great. I'm going to go and see who else I can surprise with this flash," she held up the camera, "I'll catch you around."

I just gave her a warm smile and continued about my shopping. If people like Ella could have such a drastic change, I thought, even if it was just looks.. how about the other girls that I didn't run into at the party? If they were back in town, anyway.. I let the thought drag out. I didn't want to be thinking about that while I was trying to enjoy a little shopping spree.

I was pushing hangers one at time but quickly, trying to find the perfect top amongst the rack. Then I noticed that somebody was doing the same, and we were going to meet in the middle. Hopefully the top I wanted wasn't lurking there. When I looked up, I noticed Chandler's familiar face. "Hey." She mumbled.

"Nice to see you." I smiled at her. "I see you've got a couple things." I eyed the two tops and the cardigan in her hands.

"Yeah." She chuckled. "Didn't get too lucky?" She frowned at my empty hands.

"Not just yet." I sighed.

Just then, our conversation was interrupted by someone. "Hey guys." I turned my head to see Kate standing there with her hands full. "Isn't this just what Lewisburg needs?"

"You can't be more right." Chandler said. She muttered a few other things, one of which was that she was going to go and look for some more stuff to try on. We both gave her a smile as she walked away.

"I agree." I looked at some of the items that Kate was carrying and saw a fancy looking jacket that she was holding by the hanger. It was a black one, but I wondered if there were other colours. "Kate, where'd you get that? It's so nice!"

"Just at the back over there." She gestured toward the corner of the store, of course in the one place that I didn't look. "Let me know when you're free, date with our dogs?"

I nodded, exchanging numbers with Kate before making my way to the racks next to the little wooden shelves with hats and neatly folded tops on it. On my way there, I met eyes with someone that was standing in line by the cash. Audrey looked at me and I just stared at her blankly. I can't believe she was back. Well, I should have expected it, but I wasn't so sure that's what I wanted. Her forehead wrinkled and her brows furrowed, and she looked a bit worried.

But before I could turn around swiftly to ignore her or even decide if I wanted to go and confront her in the store... I found myself on the ground. I bumped into someone and hard, must be because I was walking and seeing Audrey made me walk a little faster (the anger rising, perhaps?) "What the hell?" I heard from the girl that was also on the ground.

"Klutz much?" I muttered under my breath.

"Sorry, I was trying to get a better look at one of the pieces and.." the girl started to stand up and held her hand out to me, "here.. I'll help you up."

"Oh.." I almost put my hand out, but I didn't. And I didn't take hers. "Hello Leighton." I said, monotone, helping myself up.

"Elisa." She nodded.

Leaving this conversation was awkward, and having this conversation was awkward. No matter which option I chose, I wouldn't be winning. So I just chose to talk to her. "I haven't seen you since the day you left. Why are you back?"

"My parents missed me." Leighton rolled her eyes at me.

Some people don't change. In looks, or in personality. "I see." I tugged down at my shirt that was scrunched up when we both fell to the ground.

"You haven't changed much.."

"Neither have you." I shot back but with barely any emotion in my tone. Leighton wasn't someone I was interested in playing catch-up with and this conversation certainly wasn't keeping me entertained in the least. All I could think about was the past.

"Mm, so have you seen Damien yet? I heard he's back." She said with a smirk.

My lip twitched and so did my hand, but that wasn't who I was. I just smiled back at her. A smug smile. "Actually, I have."

"Well then.. I should call him up. Maybe we could all meet somewhere, just like old times! Especially that one night.." Leighton trailed off, her eyes looking up before glancing down at me, all while keeping that smirk on her face.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times and faked a smile at her. "Yeah, definitely!" I said with mock enthusiasm, but the sarcasm was still sound and clear.

"Anyways, it was great seeing you again." She said and walked off. Unfortunately, I couldn't say the same.

I pulled out my phone to send a message to my sister. "Soap opera. I hate you for being so right."

In an instant, I received a reply. "Lol! Come home and vent. I'll get the drinks ready." I laughed. My sister could always brighten my day somehow, which explains why she is my best friend.

I looked up from my phone and watched as Leighton stepped out of the boutique. You think some people would learn after high school, I rolled my eyes. That would only happen to you, I told myself in my head. Eyeing down someone you weren't too excited to see, only to bump into someone who you were less excited to see. I went about my day and eventually walked out of that boutique with a new jacket.
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Wrote 4 years ago
i cant believe i missed all your amazing sets!

Wrote 4 years ago
[oh this is amazing!]
great seeing you, Elisa...
xx Leighton

Wrote 4 years ago
This is not bad!! And Audrey!

Wrote 4 years ago



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