Yesterday ,I said I need some help!
ATTENTION .. and pls read it carefully

To,Who had been taking my personal picture from my fan page tumblr [not rainie-minnie and fortheloverainie blog] submission to missexotic thing 

"who did it ?"

 i'm not open that blog over month,often used rainie-minnie more 
and I never search tag EXO or Kai or do following EXO fans on tumblr
I found coz I searched Sehun tag last week
Also,open that blog last week and found out 
"Congratulation you was considering by missexotic blog to be missexotic"
Definition of Missexotic is a beautiful fan of EXO [They said]

That person told me want to submit you as Miss Kai but we know Miss Kai already got placed 
Can you be Miss Luhan instead? WTH is this ? blog even describe me as I look a like HUNHAN[Sehun and Luhan]
I ever mentioned myself “my friend told me I look a like Luhan” but nothing only joke we talks
*A guy feature myset today is Luhan for who you guy want to comment and not get it*
I never reply mail,ignorant just did it by her own
And did took my pic to goes around without I say yes!!

Fans war started when ppl come to check my blog some are congrats some totally write bad words and want to took our blog down ,that terrible !!

Why I come to ask here?
Once I was stole my EXO sets to posted on tumblr surely it from polyvore ppl
Caused mentioned “Rainie” and I never write my English name on that blog
 I kindly ask you who hiding yourself here and did it like this better stop and considering yourself this is wrong ,you’re not allowed to taking personal stuff of another to spreading without asking permission even you did coz you thoughts it’s nice.

And the result after you did caused us in pain,you also fan too you must know it fans nowadays totally crazy and you did it to us we changed URL name 

And I went to told that missexotic problem I’m not submit it,take out and not mention me again now already gone.
But source beside tumblr still have show my face 
Also,the team of who considering themselves to be Missexotic trying to started fan war like we’ve miss Kai idk,some fan called me miss kai Asian version idk the truth ok that some Asian fans and some European-South American hatin* each other some fans who’s nice told me about this and maybe? Made that precious crowd angry for about to lose place 

I’m mature enough to leave this pageant alone and what an important +prize for being missexotic I just curious!
Is really made you step a head more than another fans ?

I used to be Big Bang fan almost 7 years I never caused into problem like this sorry for compared but it true for me.
I thoughts I was living in a great fandom ,nope it’s worst fandom ever
Crazy,competitive,creating rumor,violence saseang,dis respect between fans and EXO not debuted long time enough 

OMG!! I'm so mad ,so sad to my co blogger[not Stephanie] she not deserved hat* and she not even an EXO fan.

 ** [if you want to know searching who is miss Kai] and if you do don’t mention my name for English/Japanese/Korean name leave me a lone pls, about I was complained I just want to warning “Someone on polyvore” Hey walk out from your cave this is second times already,and this time no more patient from me!!

I’m really sorry to all mature friends of mine here who not even know EXO and come to read this and you see it a childish stuff
This was how I feel too.
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