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ive decided to write a little something about each set that i publish. growing up i remember raiding my moms closet for her "old" clothes and ripping and sweing them into creations that I could wear down the street with my face painted as a witch or starlet or some ghoul i had created in my mind. Carrying a pumpkin bucket I begged for candy from the neighbors and came home with a cache of little butterfingers and tootsie rolls among other things stuffed to overflowing from my little orange bucket. Some candy didn't make it home and empty rappers stuck to some of the candy that did. Growing up Halloween was something innocent and fun. We didn't spend big money on costumes to wear and what we did wear we might wear in August as well traipsing down the street, on our bikes, or wandering through the woods that surrounded our house. growing up was fun and i wouldn't change a day of it.
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