Seoul Mate
ok, this is kind of long but I couldn't make it shorter! I need to improve my writing tho... it's so lame! hahaha but whatever!! I hope you like this^_^

It was almost night and I was still in the hospital room, looking at the ceiling I felt trapped, like a bird in a cage. All I wanted was going home and sleep forever to forget about my messy life. I let out the nth sigh of the day and tried to find a more confortable position on the bed. G had left the room minutes ago, saying that he was going to look for my doctor and ask him about the results of the blood analysis. Minutes passed and I was starting to feel claustrophobic and apprehensive, the feeling just got worse when I heard some voices outside the room. 

“Hyung, is this the correct room?” Dongho’s voice resounded in the hallway. I quickly tried to flip my position, so they wouldn’t be able to see my face from the entrance, but the IV tubing didn’t allow me to move, I started to feel more desperate when Jaeseop talked.

“Do I look like if I can’t identify the numbers in the door?” He hissed.

“Can you please stop?” Soohyun seemed annoyed for some reason. I just closed my eyes and tried to look as weak as possible, if I was sleeping they would surely leave earlier.

“Guys, what are you doing here?” I recognized G’s voice “Thanks for coming, May will be happy to see you” My heart almost left my body when I heard the sound of the door opening, I tightened my mouth and held my breath.

“Oh, she’s sleeping” Kevin mumbled.

“I left her minutes ago and she was wide-awake, complaining about the fact she couldn’t sleep” G snapped, he was aware of my fake nap.

“Poor her, she looks so tired” Hoon said tenderly and I had to make a huge effort to not smile.

“Yeah, she has been working a lot and I don’t know why but since the day of your birthday she has been crying a lot” G added, probably addressing to Jaeseop, I knew he was saying so just to give me a lesson for pretending to be sleeping, in his eyes I was being a coward, and I had to admit it, it was true, but sincerely I preferred to act like that than facing all my fears.

“I think I know who’s fault it is” Jaeseop coldly said.

“Well, then there’s no point in staying here, let’s let her rest” Eli quickly chimed.

“Can you tell her we've brought this?” Kiseop’s voice said and G thanked them as they made their way out of the room, I opened my eyes when all of them left, I could hear their voices as they walked off.

“Great act, miss!” G frowned when he re-entered, holding a bouquet of flowers and throwing me a glare. “You should be ashamed” he shook his head in disapproval and sat on the edge of the bed. “No matter how much you avoid it, at the end you’ll have to face Jaeseop”. I ignored my friend’s comment; in its place I simply sat up and snatched the flowers from his hands to read the card.

*Get well soon so we can make more parties.
With love 

Unfortunately, G’s words became truth next day and I had to confront the two guys I had been avoiding past days. 

*Don’t even think about coming to the office* G texted me early in the morning, threatening me, however I didn’t care about him and half of hour later I was sitting in my office, fixing last details for a small project we were doing for a magazine, my best friend rolled eyes when he noticed me there.

“Just don’t complain later” was all he said before going back to his work.

His phrase finally made sense minutes later when Suho stepped into the office and walked straight to me with a decided expression on his face. 

“What are…?” He wrapped his hand around my wrist and dragged me out, as he took my bag and jacket with the other hand

“See you later!” G smirked, waving goodbye.

“We’ll talk later!” I menaced clenching my teeth and widening my eyes.

“Can you let go off me?” May shook her arm getting free from Suho’s hold when both of them left the building.

“We need to talk!” He shouted angry, he had been trying to talk to her about their kiss but she had been avoiding him. He was mad, he couldn’t help but think that she was being childish and insensitive.

“We have nothing to talk about! We already talked” May replied as she grabbed her bag and tried to go back to her atelier.

“Do you call talking to a quick ‘I’m sorry’ before you took a cab and left me alone standing in the middle of the sidewalk like an idiot!” Suho shouted as he held May by the arm gaining some stares from the passerby.

“You’re hurting me” The girl said looking at Suho’s hand which was still wrapped tightly around her arm, he quickly realized that he was using too much force and loosened his grip on her.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything properly since that day!” Suho groaned, “I need to know what happened that day, I need you to tell me your feelings toward me, cause I like you!” May’s eyes narrowed “I truly do! And this whole situation is driving me crazy, I need to know your feelings and…” The girl stared at him disconcerted, not knowing what to say, she unexpectedly hugged him and buried her face on his chest.

“I’m so sorry Joon Myeonm, but now I’m not able to answer your question, let’s talk later” She said as she once again left him standing alone in the sidewalk, probably it was the shock of hearing his real name coming from May’s mouth, but Suho stood still, completely immobile. 

After hours of walking around I finally resolved to go back home, it was getting dark outside and no matter how much I tried to convince myself of the opposite, I knew that I had to think properly and take decisions. I bought some food on my way back and called G in hopes that he would help me with my decisions making.

“I’ll be there soon, I need to drop Lee somewhere, he has a meeting” G told me; I stepped out of the lift and walked to my apartment.

“Well, you better come, I won’t forget Suho’s surprising intrusion in my office this morning, I’ve been trying to avoid him since…” I was reproaching, but stopped immediately once I noticed a tall figure leaning against my door. “G, I’ll text you in a while” I murmured at the same time my eyes met Jaeseop’s and I clumsily let my phone slip from my hands, before I could react, he kneeled down and took it.

“You need to stop dropping things whenever we meet, it’s the second time in less than a week that I have to pickup your phone from the floor.” He smiled, but I didn’t find it funny.

“Thank you” I tried to sound natural, but I got the exact opposite. Jaeseop looked down and nodded, surely understanding what was the problem.

“I know what happened last week, Eli told me that…”

“Just in case, I’m not stupid, of course I’d be able to know if someone likes me or not, you clearly have no interest in me, no need to explain anything” I don’t know where I found the strength to talk but I sounded convincing.

“Good” Jaeseop beamed and I had to make a big effort to remain quiet and avoid my impertinence to reveal my true feelings, I dug inside my bag looking for my keys. “But… wait! Why do you look so mad at me?” I couldn’t handle it anymore.

“I don’t care if you like me or not, I just hate the fact you consider me a ‘fragile girl’” I drew quotation marks with my fingers and glared at him. “Do you feel sorry for me?” I slightly pushed him so I could open the door “I don’t need your pity!” I recited vehemently, as the door swung open.

“Hey! Don’t take it too personally!” Jaeseop stopped the door with his foot and gripped his hand around my wrist forcefully. 

“Damn!” I shouted “I hate when people touch me! Just leave me alone” For a second I thought I didn’t say so, but when I noticed Jaeseop’s shocked expression I realized I had blurted it out loud, my breathing pace accelerated and I felt so ashamed that my cheeks reddened.

“I didn’t mean to…” Jaeseop started but I cut him off.

“I’m sorry, I overreacted” I looked down at the floor and softly talked.

“Not your fault, it was my mistake for not telling the guys who I really liked” Jaeseop said and I decided to act as cool as possible, I didn’t want him to think that I was upset about him dating someone else, even thought I knew it’d hurt I let some words leave my mouth.

“You should introduce your girlfriend to the members, as simple as that” I said ‘gently’.

“That’s exactly the problem, she’s not my girlfriend” Jaeseop explained, “I like this girl but she doesn’t know about my feelings”.

*We gotta go, Teen Top and Brave Sound… whoo…* I signaled Jaeseop to excuse me while I picked the phone, I wasn’t surprised to hear G’s weird excuse about being unable to visit me that afternoon, probably by then he knew that I was with Jaeseop. I looked at the bag full of food I was holding. 

“Such a waste!” I complained.

Even though I knew G planned it, I decided to invite Jaeseop to eat with me, I was still hurt but he didn’t need to know about it, it was better to act normal, anyway I had already took a decision and it was not going to change. We both talked about our lives, he asked me about Minho and I briefly told him about our relationship. Somehow I managed to gather all my courage and straightly ask him about his girl, I got to know that her name was Hayoung and she was a backup dancer, they both had met when he did a stage collab on Inkigayo, she was a nice girl, beautiful as he described her and a big fan of SHINee. I smiled bitterly at all the coincidences, they had met the same day and in the same place where Minho and I had broken up, I didn’t realized until that afternoon that that Sunday 3 months ago I had lost not only my boyfriend but also Jaeseop and there was nothing worst than losing someone that never belonged to you.

“Thanks for being such a great friend” Jaeseop waved his hand as I opened the door for him minutes later. I didn’t reply, the word ‘friend’ kept echoing in my head. After closing the door I breathed in deeply and took the cellphone from my pocket, determined to put an end to the whole story.

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