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Name: Quinn McGowan
Looks - Lindsay Ellingson
Bio - Quinn is the one you're all jealous of for being the girl all the guys love, but turning down them all. You think she's arrogant and detached, but its really cuz she isnt interested. She has only two loves in the world, her work for the modeling agency and her baby sister Erin.
Phone: iPhone
Fragrance: Daisy Marc Jacobs
Signature Item: patterned shoes.
Signature quote: No, im fine, thanks.
Theme Song: life in technicolor ii by coldplay
(credit to VLF group for bio format.)

"No, no. I'm sorry. im busy." i hung up. another idiot wanting to do dinner. 

"Quinn," Erin called to me."

"Yep, more Mac n' Cheese, then?" 

"Mhm!" Erin nodded happily, like six year olds always do.

i made more quickly. My phone rang, and i picked it up. "McGowan," 

"Quinn." Rosa barked.

"Yes, Rosa?"

"You must come in ASAP. More models have come flooding in. We need the interviwers pronto."

i sighed and glanced at Erin, munching happily. "Alright Rosa, ten minutes?"

"No less." she disconnected.

"Rinny?" i asked. "Go put on some shoes, ok?"

"What about my pasta??" she whined.

"You can eat in the car. Now shew," i said tickling her. she ran off, i sighed. juggling my two loves again. it was hectic, but both needed me to thrive, survive. 

if only i knew how to do it properly.
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