16th - Saturday// Hogsmeade weekend. You may want to go out and buy a costume for the upcoming Halloween bash, or catch up with friends at the Three Broomsticks.

Bella groaned as the sunlight hit her face and framed her hair a golden yellow. Most people would say she was beautiful, but they did not see the bruises that hid under the glamor charm. Neither did they see the broken girl,clawing for love through her happy exterior. No one saw, or maybe they did, but did not care. She dragged herself to the showers and removed the glamor charm. The fresh bruises framed her body blue and black and the older ones were a sickly yellow on her otherwise pale skin. Scrubbing her body furiously,she watched as her skin turned red and burned. She enjoyed the pain.It made her feel alive. Standing in the water for a few more minutes,Bella slowly walked out and changed into a long sweater and tights. She made her way to the Great Hall,silent and alone for the first time.

After breakfast, Bella trudged to Hogsmeade to get her costume for the Halloween bash. She decided to go as a bumblebee and paid for the costume quickly before anyone could spot her.She quickly walked back up to her dorm room before anyone could stop her. There were enough rumors going on that involved her and she didn't really want to mingle now.

17th - Sunday// Hogsmeade Weekend: you know the drill.


Bella woke up late today, and didn't bother with a shower. She ran to the Great Hall and eat her breakfast quickly,ignoring the looks Asher and Michael were sending her way. She couldn't bring them into this and watch them get hurt. Rushing back to her dorm,she buried herself beneath the covers and fell asleep.

It was night fall when she woke up and there were several notes hanging on the door when she checked. 7 from Asher and 9 from Michael asking where she was. She tore them down quickly,stuffed them in her bag and walked down to the Lake. It was midnight now. No one should be here, so she removed the glamor charm and went for a swim. The Squid greeted her with a waving tentacle and bobbing waters. She smiled. Only the animals understood her. She looked down and traced the curve of her tummy that bore the freshers bruise. 

Why:Looking at her bruises
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