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Wrote 6 months ago
hahaha XD you're hysteriacal! (hysterical as in aesomely hilarious not as in the mental condition). tell you what, after i marathoned that show True detective I picked up their accent for two weeks or so. it was crazy XD it's funny how brain has the abilityyto sponge up some irrelevant nutty nonsense but when it comes to studying... bam. can't remember a thing ^^

Wrote 6 months ago
@verroq okay but u gotta know that at some point i stopped using 'yo' ironically and now it's just part of my normal vocabulary

Wrote 6 months ago
say whatever makes you happy. i still think you're intersting and awesome. :D

Wrote 6 months ago
@verroq nah, it's just the influence of the webz. makes me seem like 'hey, dude, you're not super boring!' but if anyone actually met me they'd just kinda be like 'uhh yeah so you were right and this is me being out'
im trash in band merch and eyeliner. black liner. just like the depths of my soul *clenches fist and listens to evanescence*

Wrote 6 months ago
an animate pool of vomit doing what? XD you say such terribly hilarious things and then in the same breath you state that you're not that interesting? allow me to disagree. you my friend are beaming with interesting., i swear. :)

Wrote 6 months ago
@verroq yeah but with me like i'm not even interesting, i'm just like an animate pool of vomit sporting band tees and too much eyeliner :3

Wrote 6 months ago
optimistic pessimist sounds good. i guess i was right. you truly are a tough person. i'm proud of you. *hugs again*
as for contradictions, well, that can only be a good thing. nature is one big contradiction, i think. not to mention that it's awfully badass and awesome if a person is full of contradictions. makes them instantly 12542% more interesting. :3

Wrote 6 months ago
@verroq they're all good songs, or at least i think so, and apparently lots of people like car radio bc they performed it at the mtv movie awards a few months ago, plus they did guns for hands at the apmas (still mad at alt press like why would u do this)
i've tried with the peg, but it's really hard to get a purchase on it, and i still can't tune by ear and can't stand if it's at all out of tune. to strong an ear, i guess. or something to that effect.
yeah, she's on some meds that slow it but thus far there isn't a cure. we're optimistic as we can be, though, which has been really weird for me because i've always been a pessimist. i'm an optimistic pessimist. i feel like a living performance of 'walking contradiction,' though that's not necessarily a bad thing. thank u for the hugz, i'm way into 'em [returns hug]

Wrote 6 months ago
wow, thank you for this lovely list, i'll go through them. :)
uh, sorry about the broken peg. that's unfortunate. maybe you could try grab the broken peg with some pliers if possible?
Oh my, your mum is really amazing. I'm really really sorry to hear about her ilness. Is she on some meds? Maybe it will get better? I don't know what to say, really. You're clearly a strong person that doesn't whine about stuff like this and that's just so admirable, I'd just hug you and hold you, if i could. *sends an online hug*

Wrote 6 months ago
@verroq 'car radio' has screaming as well as rap and deep lyrics (dang tyler joseph), 'house of gold' has ukulele, 'holding on to you', 'guns for hands', and 'migraine' all have rap :3 that's just off my head
i can't tune the ukulele by ear and like i said one of the tuning pegs are broken, otherwise i'd play all the time -///-
she used to play sax, idk if she can any more. she still plays piano but it's getting more difficult. she has a mental thing and it's basically alzheimer's only faster-progressing so sometimes she can't remember which notes are which. she's still cool though. and makes gr8 food. im still 90% sure she's trying to fatten me up and eat me, but im already fattened so she should really get on with it before i go stale or something.

Wrote 6 months ago
but erm these guys... they play piano and drums :B at least in those videos i've managed to see on youtube. where's the ukulele part? :D
as for playing, that's just a matter of time and practice before you become very good. I'm crap at guitar but i love playing it so ... no quitting for me ^^ I'm a bit better at piano... i guess i should be, having played it since i was 8 ^^
so your mum plays sax and piano? that's an awesome mu you got there! :3

Wrote 6 months ago
@verroq they can be kind of an acquired taste (literally, they're known as deep-meaning-filled ukulele screamo rap and it's wonderful i swear), and i only play ukulele. even then, i'm not very good. i /would/ know how to play alto sax and piano, but my mom never got around to teaching me :3

Wrote 6 months ago
well how many instruments can you play? :D I'd love to learn to play ukulele but I'm struggling with guitar already ^^
by the way, thank you for the reccomendation, i will check them out. i'm always on the lookout for good music :)

Wrote 6 months ago
@verroq i still need to learn violin, ukulele just don't cut it these days. though if i could find a tuner and fix that peg, maybe i can learn some twenty one pilots or smth (which, by the way, is a great band that i recommend a million times over)

Wrote 6 months ago
oh my dear god of guitars what is this, heaven??? OuO


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