i want to reuse a character that i had once and loved, but didn’t really write much for (with the permission of @sophiaspastic of course). 

these kids are meant to be dumb as shit and slightly annoying in their idiocy, but you want to root for them because they’re so naive and obviously made for each other.

◦Name: Abbey ‘Bambi’ Mahoney
◦Model: Mona Johannesson
◦Age: 24
◦Hometown/Current Location: Los Angeles / Boston
◦Family: Parents - Patricia (62) and Victor (64) Mahoney, siblings - Victoria (29) and Jessica (32) Mahoney 
◦Education: Yale, philosophy
◦Career: Marketing assistant at the Boston branch of her parents’ company, Mahoney Associates
◦Bio: Bambi Mahoney, the perennial Californian wild child, has settled down a lot these days. In fact, she’d prefer if the word ‘California’ was permanently erased from her life’s history. The daughter of two wealthy West-Coasters, Bambi was shipped off East after graduating (by the skin of her teeth) from high school, where she immediately felt at home. Finally, other people who understood that the only friends a girl needed were Tommy, Ralph, and that guy J. Crew. No, Bambi’s brain is not her strength, but that’s never stopped her. Completely disassociating herself from her Los Angeles life and family wasn’t hard, as they’d already disassociated themselves from Bambi years earlier, with the exception of employing her to keep her out of trouble. Now, if anyone’s asking, she’s Connecticut born and bred. Nicknamed ‘Bambi’, because she was the youngest of her siblings, she now doesn’t go by anything else. If she had the brains to figure out how to change her name, she probably would. But she doesn’t.

◦ Name: Jack Betancourt VII
◦Model: David Entinghe 
◦ Age: 25
◦Hometown/Current Location: Boston / Boston
◦ Family: Parents - Catherine Betancourt (49) and Jack Betancourt VI (57), no siblings
◦Career: Legal clerk
◦Bio: Any preppy kid worth their salt reveres the Betancourt name. Basic American royalty, they’ve been in cahoots with the Kennedys from the beginning. Opportunistic, but intelligent and dignified, it’s a classic New England name, classic New England family. Not much can be said for the intellect of Jack Betancourt VII, but if he has the money, looks and charm to make up for it, nobody’s noticing that he barely graduated from Yale. Or that his parents had to pay a special visit to the head of admissions. Or that there’s now a Jack Betancourt VI wing of the Yale business studies building, due to the ridiculous amounts of money paid by Congressman Betancourt to guarantee his son’s admission. Young Jack has never had to work for anything, and he’s happy with the silver spoon still sticking out of his mouth. Chances are he’ll never have to work, and it’s highly doubtful that he’ll ever go into the family politics business (seriously, who would vote for this guy?). But as long as he has his money, his fiancée, and his family, Jack Betancourt VII couldn’t be happier. If only we were all so blissfully ignorant.

♥ The Soon to be Newlyweds ♥
◦How they met: At an overly formal sorority/fraternity mixer, freshman year at Yale
◦Age they met: 17 (Bambi) & 18 (Jack)
◦How long have they been together? Seven years
◦How long had they been together before proposal: Six years
◦Moment they realized they were in love: When they realised they had his-and-hers Burberry trenchcoats

◆The Wedding ◆
◦Ideal location: Lake Louise, Canada
◦Ideal season: Early fall
◦Ideal number of guests: 300, at least
◦Ideal type of wedding dress: Something to reflect her style – classically preppy, never gaudy
◦Ideal hair/makeup: Loose updo 
◦Ideal number of bridesmaids/groomsmen: 4 each
◦Ideal bridesmaids dresses: Knee length, cap sleeve, white with green & yellow floral
◦Ideal groom/groomsmen attire: Navy blue suits, green & white plaid bowties
◦Ideal color scheme: Green, white and yellow
◦Ideal theme: Cape Cod prep
◦Ideal flowers: White tulips
◦Ideal reception location: Chateau Lake Louise
◦Ideal type of music playing: Jazz, and nothing else
◦Ideal first song for bride/groom dance: Bon Iver – Calgary (mostly because I used to listen to this song while making Bambi sets)
◦Live band or DJ: Live band
◦Ideal honeymoon location: Swiss Alps

◦Will you be able to make at least one set a week (mandatory challenge set)?

◦Why do you want to be a part of this roleplay?
I loved this character in another roleplay and always wanted to use her again. She’s just so ridiculous, and so is he.

◦List two other model choices for your girl and guy (just in case):
For the girl – ah, I don’t have any because she’s one I’ve already used
For the guy – Parker Young, James Besteman
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