•♡• 02/04/14 •♡•

• Heyy there. Hope today was good to you! My day was okayy. I had laughs, arguements, and all of those kinds of things all in one day...like everyday. Oh I also will be auditioning for my school talent show this year! The audition is tomorrow and I can't wait!!

• Today I realized that you can't force anyone to think or do something if the person is set on something completely opposite. Whether you think it's bad or good for them, you have to respect how they feel and what they think. Try and do that all the time. Just like how you are set on something or you don't think you're going to change your mind from something you want to do and you don't want anyone stopping you from doing. Think about it. Now I'm gonna take you back to one of the golden rules, "Treat others the way you want to be treated." Also don't let other do that to you. You can take their thoughts and beliefs in consideration but you need to go the way you want to go no matter what. 

• Sorry, got a little serious there, lol. I'm going to start with putting funny jokes or songs of the day, or even advice into these sets so hope you likeee. 

•♡• 02/04/14 •♡•
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