Chapter 1... ♥

I lie there, on my queen size temper-pedic mattress, my warm beige Ikea comforter wrapped around my body. I was wearing two layered Abercrombie tanks, one light pink the other maroon. Really short jean Hollister shorts, and my short sand uggs. My black env2 vibrated against my butt, as I reached for her back pocket. I flipped open my phone and blew a piece of my long blonde hair out of my face. I opened the text, it was from Colin. 

Colin: hey, sup

I replied,

Court: helllooo. Nothing really , watching a moviee in bed. 

I tossed my phone onto the other end of the bed. 
Got up off the bed, paused legally blonde and strutted over to the mirror.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror my blue eyes twinkled in the light, and my long pin straight hair hung past my shoulders. I thought to herself,

“I wonder…
Does he think of me as much as I think of him. I know he’s my exx and all, but does that mean he doesn’t have feelings for me anymore? No, no this cant be true. He texts me at least three times a day, he cant just forget all about what we had together.”

My phone buzzed and slipped of the bed, and dropped to the shaggy carpet beneath it. I went to go retrieve it. It was Colin again….

Colin: sweet. Who do u like?

My heart beat with excitement! my fingers shook, as I rushed to text back. 
“What should I say? Should I confess I still have feelings for him…. If he asked that obviously means he’s into me, I don’t know. “

Courtney: I don’t know. I have a thing for this guuy right now. And youu?

I decided to play it cool, and not be all lovey dovey.
Instantly my phone d i e d.
A sigh released from my mouth. 
I glanced at the clock, 11:11
I made a w i s h 
*I wisshh Colin will ask me out and we can make this the best relationship we have had*
The clock stroke 11:12 
I searched for her charger and remembered I left it at Morgan’s.
Since they were going on a shopping spree at the mall the next day I decided to wait till the next morning to ask her to bring the charger with her. 
I couldn’t keep my eyes from closing…
So I lied down on the bed and gently fell a s l e e p… ♥

should i continuee? (:
please let me know.
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