I think today I'm going to write about my day because well yeah. It's not Interesting but enjoy x

Ok so I woke up at about 5:30 am as I have a job to get up to but I have to leave my house at 6:40 so I had ages. I watched Danisnotonfire's videos on my phone until 6:20 when i had to get up eat and get changed. So I got out of the house on my bike with my paper bag by 6:35 ish and went to my shop i get my papers from. Did my paper round which it pretty easy as its hardly any houses but I get paid £17 at the end of each week. This is fine by me as I'm only 13 so I don't need lots of money :)
Then I got back at about 7:10 and I was pretty soaked as it was raining :(
Got changed for school at about 7:45 and did my make-up and hair :P I always have to listen to music when I'm getting ready, Idk it puts me in a good mood :D
Headed to school for about 8:40 as I don't want to be too late or too early :) I have to walk o that takes about 10 minutes if I'm quick. Got to school just in time and saw all the year 6 kids at our school as they came for an introduction day to see if they like it. I can't believe that was me two years ago. Memories. :'( Had Form time for 20 minutes which is boring so we sneak out most of the time. Found out that the new toilets they had been building have been made UNISEX for a trial period of three weeks. UNISEX! what the actual fuckk?! Like I can go for a piss in the boys toilet if I wanted too. No I don't think so. That makes our school sound like a prostitute home. Lol. Yeah. So that's pretty weird that I could be taking a piss in the cubicle next door to the best looking boy in the whole school...
Had my lessons then which were: History, Asdan ( like smoking, sex, drugs, keeping healthy..) then break. Which was boring as my best boy friends had to show round the new kids so I gave him a massive hug when I saw him :) Then I had English and Maths. Maths is great as my book is completely empty as I sit and chat with everyone in my class. I'll miss these days :( I' terrible at maths. I always have been always will be. Whenever I see a maths sum on the board I just can't do it. It's annoying. Then I had lunch with all my friends but we stayed inside with the boys as it was raining, Then my last lesson was Science with our rubbish substitute teacher who sent me out as I didn't do any work. I bad mouthed him too. Pretty badly. So I had to stay after school for 20 minutes in silence staring at a wall. I don't see what that teaches us...
Then I saw my best boy friend again as he had to stay after school with the year sixes because they had some little party thing. I hugged him again :)
So that was my day really. Got home far too late, ate kebabs my mum made, went on Polyvore, went on twitter, ate some more and now I'm off to watch tv.

Sorry if that was long and you didn't read it all, It's fine I had fun writing it :) 
but remember,
lululovesyou xx
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