Yehet in purple ~
I seemed like i missed this moment?

Morning Guys! it's weekend again.

...... Yesterday aka Friday,I went to my university to received time table for next semester.
we have met new professor who just graduated Ph.D from U.S and join as prof on this spring you know he's handsome,he wear glasses not a nerd glasses def. look cool that much. first glanced i met him never thoughts that he is a new professor.

He actually comes to replace my precious supportive professor for thesis my precious one he go oversea for his Ph.D (i am glad coz he too much strict <3) and new prof. did introduce himself his name is Ryo he's 28 years old
ppl name Ryo always handsome idk why? my big bro also name Ryo tho, he only older 3-4 years compared to my classmate,my very closed classmate said she feel totally awkward to calling him as sensei(prof) , i did felt happy to my ages this time that much, i still younger tho.

Me and my friends did reacted O_O surely female students here their mind will gone to somewhere during class for sure.
he's young,handsome,good personality,smart he got it all totally :) <--- if he not a Ga* later ?
i just did gossiping my professor i can do only here with you guys. (someday i will secretly snap his photo lol..)
in reality i need to keep calm,hope so my thesis will gone well.

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