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Hello I'm Jenn. I like to dance in my underwear to Taylor Swift and Big Time Rush. OH HEY FLOCK DRAW PARTY RIGHT HERE (im threatlevelmidnight) 

There is like, NOTHING, for me to really tell you about this time, so I'll just do a list because I really love lists.

-my school canceled our sadies/black out dance because no teachers would chaperone due to our "innapropriate" dancing.
- troian bellisario (spencer from pretty little liars, seen in top right) is so pretty plus i love her character
-alison by elvis costello is fan tas tic.
-hyperbole and a half
-queen of the night
-my room is done
-had an A+ quality sleep over with laura, bria, and crystal last night. we hot tubbed for 2 hours while discussing prom, boys, and played ten fingers. Then we watch letters to juliet. This morning we watched lord of the rings because none of them have seen it.
-logan from btr, hnnng.
-any cute brunette thats intelligent, hnnngggg
-oh hey kenny that cute boy might come to post secret this friday op. :3
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