I was tagged in @chantaneemoua’s really adorable set! 
I was tagged by another person some time ago but I forgot who it was TT^TT Mianhae~ (if you see this, you know who you are~ I give you a kpop balloon~)
1. Always post rules
2. Answer these 11 questions, tag the person who tagged you, write your own 11 questions.
3. Tag 11 people
@chantaneemoua’s questions~
1.Who was your first bias? ~G-Dragon XD
2. Why do you like your bias? ~He is really inspiring. He pretty much chased his dream and never gave up on it. His personality is also so adorable! And his smile is just killer unf <3
3. What would you do for a day with your bias? ~I would maybe take a walk with him or want to hear his songs/rap.
4. Fierce or Cute? ~Both!
5. Nerdy or Good-looking guy? ~How about a good-looking nerdy guy? ;D
6. If you were in a group, would you be Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Main Visual, or Lead Dancer? ~I would want to be the Main Visual or Main Rapper xD
7. If you go to Seoul, where would you go first? ~To stalk Suga.
8. If you become an idol, under what company would you be in? ~I would want to be in Pledis. I feel like Pledis is a bit more open to international fans.
9. How did you start liking Kpop? ~I came across 2NE1. Liked them. Then searched up BigBang. And the addiction began.
10. Future job? ~Suga’s wife. LMFAO jk. I want to be a preschool teacher…. And be Suga’s wife.
11. Best Memory? ~I had a birthday party in the summer time (since my real birthday is in winter) and my best friends came up to me with a huge poster thing all wrapped up. I unwrapped it and saw that it was a collage of ALL my favorite groups/idols/bias. That will always be my favorite memory/present. It’s even more memorable because they don’t listen to Kpop. So they went through all the trouble to search them up and go through all my past messages with them to see who I liked.

My questions for you!~
1. Do you have a ship name between you and your bias?
2. What is your zodiac sign?
3. How long have you liked Kpop?
4. What would you give as a gift to your bias?
5. Favorite number?
6. Do you have a phobia?
7. Fanfiction or Kdramas?
8. What would you want your bias to do for you?
9. Do you play an instrument?
10. Have you converted anyone into Kpop?
11. How much Kpop merchandise do you own?
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