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"Pisces first instinct is to help. People under this sign sometimes might seem harsh and abrupt, but that is nothing but a fragile mask they wear to protect themselves. The Fish will soon realize just how vulnerable it is. The world is not yet tuned to their sensitive wavelength, so that sometimes they would pretend indifference to avoid looking weak."

I tried hard to think about a characteristic all Pisces people I know have in common but I just could agree with this fact: they usually hide their emotions, in most of the cases seem hostile, but Aquarius does it too, the difference is that Pisces usually act hostile when they feel unconfident, Aquarius is just like that, being hostile is part of their personality but as was said Pisces will act that way when they feel threatened, when someone is apparently trying to get their spot, to probe so I have a story, I know two girls, they were both born the same day they're soo different, just like day and night, however there's a point where both of them acted almost the same, like if they had reacted instinctively in the same way, they became friends with me after some time but I noticed that they'd always act tense around me. 
Samantha used to follow Stephanie (my bf) around all the time and when Stephanie and I became friends, she'd act mean with me and talk harsly to me, Cinthia, the other girl was a classmate of mine and when I first started junior year in a new school she would act very hostile, I realized that it was because she used to be the best student of the class and somehow she felt I'd take that place away from her. Those girls were completely different but once they felt like if i was stealing something that belonged to them they both react so similar that at one point I was able to predict Cinthia's expressions and actions because I had previously experienced the same with Samantha. My grandad is the same, he's a very good man but he never showed his emotions and was always acting like if he wouldn't mind anything, but inside he's caring and loves people so much that when they're not around he'd feel hurt. My dad is also like that but for any reason he's able to show his affection to others, but still he's all secretive and even when he can talk about himself he'd rarely open up about his true feelings. 

Pisces in general are very sensible people and they're always changing.
"You may have read somewhere that the symbol of Pisces, the two fish swimming in opposite directions, indicates that the Neptunian is torn apart by the duality of their desires, but it is not. The duality of its desires is property of Gemini. The two fish in opposite directions symbolize the option that is offered to Pisces to swim up, or swim down, without ever achieving their goals. Pisces must learn somehow to serve humanity, and to avoid worldly possessions."

Pisces women are very feminine and sweet, there's a saying about Pisces girls being the dream of any man and even without involving astrology that belief is widely spread, according to Linda Goodman "Occasionally, the Pisces woman hides her shyness and vulnerability with a veneer of worldly complexity and try to show an independent personality but this is nothing more than a protective layer that serves to hide her uncertainty to the prying eyes of clumsy people that would hurt her sensitive heart if she doesn't protect it"

Sorry for my set and the clumsy explanations, today I just feel like my neurons are sleeping I barely could concentrate during class and the fact that most of my classmates were falling asleep didn't help too much xD
I'll just read something and then I'll try to sleep...

"Pisces are said to be like a sea, deep and mysterious, where all the rivers will lead."
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