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I sat along the fountain in Central Park and fumbled with the lens on my camera yet again. It was no mystery that I need new sh.t but I felt well kind of attached to my original equipment. I mean I had two or three other cameras, but nothing was like my first one. For some reason my old camera never failed in always getting me amazing pictures. Usually I could fix it with ease but today it wasn't working out that way.
" Sh.it" I cursed aloud thinking about how bad I needed new photos
Just as I was about to give up and throw the whole thing to the ground, it clicked in place. I smiled in satisfaction and immediately began to scope the park for something to turn into art. Then I noticed a woman in some type of complicated position on a yoga mat. I became intrigued as I raised the camera and started to snap. She wasn't close enough to notice me but she was close enough for me to get the perfect angle. As soon as I put the lens to my eye I laughed remembering how lucky this camera was. It was as if her stance became magical as I snapped away. After close to about 25 frames I decided I had better stop.
"So either your into really flexible girls or your a really good photgrapher?"
I looked to see where that came from and I turned to find a a smirky long haired blond. I guess I hadn't noticed her before sitting against the fountain near where I was. She blew a few clouds of cigarette smoke in the air with a grin on her face. She wasn't bad looking, in fact she was pretty except for the fact it looked like she hadn't had sleep in days.
"Why in the world would you ask me that?" I laughed as I shook my head and began to change out my lens
"Well I mean you looked like you were getting pretty riled up over those pictures you were just taking so I just assumed you like what you saw" she shrugged
"You just assumed that I'm some type of picture taking perv?" I said sarcastically laughing again, a little harder
"Nooo, that's not what I meant. Just cause you like what you saw doesn't mean your a perv just means you liked what you saw is all" she shrugged putting out her cigarette
"For your information I'm a photographer and I prefer coming to random spots in the park. I have a passion for what I do, so I can't control it sometimes and it's not exactly what I take pictures of that I like it's the act of doing it"

“The act of doing it... sounds kinky.” she nodded in approval

Figures only in New York would a girl throw that out after meeting you five minutes ago. I laughed and rolled my eyes prefixing my attention back on my camera.

“So how much do you charge for your… services?” 

I had heard enough. I placed my camera in my bag and zipped it up. Then I shot her a somewhat 'you-can't-be-serious' glare, crossing my arms. 

“What do you mean by services?”

“Your time, your equipment,” her eyes lifted back to my face “How much would you charge me if I wanted to pose for you?”

She crossed her leg suggestively and glanced at me waiting for an answer. She was cute but I was not getting amused.

"Well?...Don’t you think I’m sexy enough?” she asked again

“I don’t do photo shoots. I like to capture picture’s with meaning, picture’s with life, picture’s that aren’t…well, posed.”

Which was partially a lie because if the price was right I'd do a photo shoot or too. But I could tell the type of photo shoot she wanted was not my thing.

“Then follow me around for a day, and photograph me. My life is very interesting.” she smiled

“Like paparazzi?” I laughed out loud

“No, you’re much better than paparazzi-”

“D.mn straight.” I cut her off

“Charli.” she introduced herself somewhat amused

“Jade.” I cautiously reached my hand out

“Well Jade, what do you say, I be your muse today?”

I eyed her closely as she shook my hand back. My muse for today?.... I did come out for filler pictures for my album today... and she wasn't that bad looking... and she wasn't asking to get paid anything. What the h.ll?
"Okay, fine with me. You have done this before right? Please tell me you've done this." I asked taking my camera back out
"Uhhmm sure I'll tell you I've done this before but does that mean I'm telling the truth?" she shrugged and giggled
I still hadn't figured out what was so funny.
"No, that means obviously you'd be lying. But you were nice enough to volunteer and I need these photos so lets just make the best out of it, kay?" I snapped the first shot of her off guard
"Sure but something I gotta tell you is... I'm usually really good at things the first time around" she smiled at me
"Good. We can start here." I motioned towards the fountain 
I didn't really know how to react towards the fact that she was attempting to flirt me so I kind of shrugged it off. I'd been away so long I forgot about how up front east coast girls could be, especially New York ones. But I had to admit this whole sly tantalizing smile thing was looking amazing behind the lens.
"What? Should I lay on it like this.." she laid on her back and playfully threw her legs in the air
"Charli! Anything but that!" I laughed
"Okay okay..."
"Just, you know, have fun with it. Give me some different expressions" I coached as I started to snap pictures again
She began to take my advice and surprisingly she was doing really really good... maybe this wouldn't be as hard or as bad as I thought.
"So tell the truth, you have modeled before haven't you?" I asked eying Charli directly after stuffing another piece of pizza in my mouth
"What?" she laughed "seriously no I haven't" 

I looked at her.
"Your lying" I laughed
Maybe she hadn't ever done it but today she had gotten some really good takes. Honestly, she was better than models that I shot that were paid to do jobs. All in all it had been a really fun and productive day. Charli and her never ending wild antics made time fly by and I now had more than enough shots to fill the few empty slot of my new album. We were both a little exhausted and were starving so we thought pizza would do the trick.
"I'm not lying! But I am flattered, I guess. You think I look good enough to be a model?"
"Whatever. I'm just saying you take some really good pictures, like, you should seriously consider" I shrugged drinking the last of the alcohol in my cup
"Well I had fun so.. I don't know, maybe but modelings just not my thing"
"Yeah I'm not for that whole fake glamor fame world type thing"
"Oh yeah, I gotcha."
"You know at first I thought you were kind of, I don't know, the quiet mysterious type but your not. Your really cool actually."
"You thought I was mysterious?" I laughed again
"Yeah I mean you were taking pictures of that lady yoga-ing like a monster. I didn't know what to think" she joked
"Oh well, thanks a lot."
I wiped my mouth to get another slice but my phone started to vibrate on the table. I picked it up to see one of the appointments I had for tomorrow left a voice mail. I hadn't looked at the time all day and now I realized I needed to get home.
"Hey, it's actually getting pretty late and I really need to get these developed tonight so I probably need to go." I looked at her as I grabbed my bag
"Oh yeah sure, your right." she nodded
"So it was fun?" I smiled as I got up
"Definitely" she replied
"And even though I didn't think you were mysteri-"
"Here" she cutt me off by sliding a napkin in my hand
"What's this for?"
"It's my number...." she smiled "I wanna see the pictures, how they came out. And you never know maybe you'll need me to do this again" she shrugged
I hesitated knowing she had been flirting with me all day. But she was right why, shouldn't she see the pictures? We could make this a regular thing. I hadn't had this much fun in a long time.
"Okay, I'll call you then" I smiled goodbye before I walked out...
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