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I don't have a good idea for today
and i sense it someone(so many of you) might have been thinking hmmm! today does Rainie will make Kai's set ?
Yes,i did it again!
AND i feel like he stared at me(a sec for delusion fan lol~)
Well can i talk about "Stop eating dog meat campaign" *kinda terrible feel read it by your own risk* 
just a few minutes ago i watching documentary related to this topic i am almost vomit 
i might be not a dog lover but i love animal & i can't be that cruel.
a document located to one of Asia's country
so i will not telling the name of country.
i kinda surprise that not from where's island,a group of ppl living in the forest or dont have any food to eat but there's come from develop country,educated ppl even stole dogs from neighbor or delivery from near by countries.
meanwhile another countries who live so near that eating dog country blame them but the dog meat trade still openly in that eat dogs country.
seriously not hiding to eat but can find it on street on their capital city like everyone must try dog meat once all species of dog from small to big
they not pick just one type but eat it all.

I looking up to my friend she already crying and told me stop watching this pls,it's heart broken!
last 3 years ago i ever visited this country it was my all time nightmare during walking on the street i found they just killed the dogs in font of travelers and asking us to taste it.
i respected the different culture but the way they stole dogs is the way i can't accept how can they eat the other's pet.
i swear if it not from work i will never ever visit this country no hate the culture but highly % you will bumping to the dog meat with the dead dog's head hanging like nothing happened.
and too much you don't know is that the food you eat they using dog meat instead of pork or not?

One thing i am so glad that in the end of documentary the third countries who got stole their dogs concern to support the stop eat dog campaign a very highly responding to this issue.

*and why i watching this,nightmare before go to the bed? not even censer killin* scene.

*i just want to share sorry* @fruitmachine you love dog might be feeling unwell awww sorry if you read it.

well i can't eating all kind of pet (i think someday i will be stop eating all meat if i finished my baseball career i eat some meats like pork and chicken due to must eating protein from meat its importance for sporter)
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