nickname: cherry
current location: long beach, ca
hometown: moscow, russia
likes; sun rise, black coffee, pop art, patterns, lace panties, flowers, sushi, the beach, statement jewellery, being out-spoken, the comedy channel
dislikes; winter, soap operas, judgemental people, cheap clothing, waiting, dull colours, alcohol, red lipstick, homophobes, name tags, dirt
bio; If you spot Cherie around town you'll notice that she doesn't seem like your typical California girl and once you speak to her, you'll notice her fading Russian accent that has still attached itself to her. Cherie moved to California once her mother scored her come-back modelling career, she was only ten when she had to say 'goodbye' to her home, her friends and her family. During Cherie's first year in America, she learnt to speak and understand English, she became more fluent and less excluded from the other teenagers. They could at last understand her, minus the thick accent. There was one other girl who became attached to Cherie very quickly, Bambi North, you're typical Cali girl. The two were inseperable and now at the age of 23, they're the best of friends, practically sisters. During Cherie's graduation year she was intrigued by interior design and swore she'd have a career associatated with interior decorating, etc. People didn't think she'd make it so easily but it seemed with the help of luck and a god given talent, she's become a well-known interior designer. Cherie's design is very eye-catching; she uses vibrant sparks of colour and patterns. There's new on the horizon, ladies and gentlemen, Cherie could be on your televisions shortly with her new interior show being rumored to be appearing on the Style network. With such a hectic career ahead of her, you'd think she'd struggle to juggle everything. Nope. Cherie has the perfect best friend, perfect house, perfect job, and perfect boyfriend .. uh, not quite! 
blog URL;
model; anna christine speckhart 


Hi all, I'm Cherie Yelchukov. But you can call me Cherry, that seems to be the nickname that has glued itself to me. I'm an interior design who probably should act more like a lady, introduce yourself. 

- Cherry
(Most people she'll know from online/their websites or they could have met in the past, we can decide plans below or via inbox. Enemies, frenemies, friends, best friends, etc)
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