This is a quick set.
Happy belated birthday, Ines!
This isn't your real birthday set, but I just needed to make you one. I promise you that I will try my hardest to finish it tomorrow.

I have to finish my notes-on-notes today. But chances are, I probably won't. And it's due first thing tomorrow.
And not only that, but I have to do some yard work.
It's getting extremely dark out.
So my battle plan is this:
-Go do yard work
-Come back in and wash dishes
-Print "works cited" page out
-Finish whatever I can of the notes-on-notes
-Set alarm to 5:00 tomorrow
-Wake up early to finish notes-on-notes

Yup, that's it.
Today, in French, he looked so cute.
Yes, I'm talking about HIM.
I don't feel like typing his name out for some reason.
So we had to do a partner activity in the beginning of class, and we went over our homework. And we were talking about how horrible our illustrations were and about how I was such a grammar freak that I was correcting his French all over the place. 
Oh, and then I asked him what he did yesterday on his day off. Played video games.
Typical boy. Not surprising in the least bit.
And somehow, we got into a discussion about how a LOT of his friends are obsessed with video games. Keep in mind that I've never touched a video game or an xBox before. And that I already know a lot of his friends. And that I already knew this about them. 
Not surprisingly, the conversation got kind of awkward.
And then we had another activity. 
Me being my overeager self tried to help him finish it, and then he snapped at me a little bit.
Let's just say that the last 15 minutes of class were ruined for me because of that.
I just felt really badly.
Because I hate it when people are mad at me.
I hate it.
And I take things too seriously.
Unfortunately, the scratching is getting so bad that I'm doing it in school now. I try to stop myself in case anyone sees me or I try to get it out some other way, but it never works. 
No one ever notices.
Especially if I do it subtly.
That's not a good thing. At all.
And it's the only thing that stops me from crying.
From all the stupid things and people in the world.
I'm a wimp.
But after class ended, I just kind of burst out of class because I wasn't sure if he was mad and I didn't want to see him and I had already made my mind up to get out as fast as I could.
Jake J., the fucking annoying guy in our class, pushed me out of the door, and I just said, "What the hell is wrong with you?"
And then he goes down saying some bullshit or something.
Of course, as soon as I start speed walking down the hall, I hear someone call my name. I know who it is, and I'm shocked and disappointed and excited at the same time. It took them about 5 times before I turned around.
"Hey, Anh. Now he is what you would call an attention whore."
And I laugh, because I just want to and because it's really funny. 
"I know, right? You're telling me! So wait, you're not mad?"
"Mad about what?"
"Never mind."
And I knew that he would say that. Because he's not one to hold grudges. I learned that personally from the Canada trip. I'm just glad that he even felt like he could share it with me.
My wrist is back to normal.
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