hey guys!
i hope you're all doing great! 
so my last theatre performance was yesterday, and i miss the cast SO much already. they were the nicest and most real people ive ever met. like they're not afraid to be themseles, and not fake. and theatre is way more fun then anything else ive ever done. and i got really close to everyone too because the cast was only like 16 people and i saw them everyday. im so sad its done. 
on a positive note, thank you all for my happy birthday sets! they were so sweet and made me so happy! :D
also i made this R5 tag, so i figured why not do my own tag? haha

put a "x" next to any box that applies to you.

riker ;
[] blue is your favorite color
[x] you were/are a side character in some type of production
[] you play/played the bass
[x] you're the oldest child in your family
[] you had or have bleached blonde hair
[x] you have glasses/contacts
[x] you love hot chocolate
[] you were expected to be the opposite gender before you were born
[x] you hate being woken up
[x] you love hamburgers 

ellington ;
[] dark green is your favorite color
[] you play/played the drums
[] you're an only child
[x] you're a natural brunette
[] your fashion sense is "turkish hipster"
[x] you would have a superpower to sleep in if you could
[] you love the song "thrift shop"
[x] you're really sarcastic
[] your mom is a big inspiration to you
[] you have one or more half brothers

rydel ;
[x] pink is your favorite color
[x] you take/took dance lessons
[x] you play/played the keyboard/piano
[x] you're the only girl child in your family
[] you're a natural blonde
[] you used to like/like wearing tutus 
[] you can be really girly, but also a tomboy
[] you're lactose and tolerant
[] you know how to sew
[x] you used to have/have braces

rocky ;
[] light green is your favorite color
[x] you play/played the guitar
[x] you taught/are teaching yourself how to play an instrument
[x] you're a natural brunette
[] you love scary movies
[x] your favorite holiday is christmas
[] your favorite candy is nerds
[] you're the tallest in your family
[x] you're terrified of spiders
[] you're a huge prankster

ross ;
[] yellow is your favorite color
[] you were/are the main character in some type of production
[x] you play/played the guitar
[] you had/have bleached blonde hair 
[] you don't take that long to do your hair
[x] you love french toast
[x] you're an adrenaline junkie
[x] you're a really deep thinker
[x] you love the rain
[] you dance with your hips a lot

other ;
[x] you have a younger brother
[x] you live with your parents
[x] you like to perform
[x] you play/like hockey
[x] your interest for music started at a young age
[x] you used to put on shows for your family when you were younger
[] your mom picks out your clothes
[] you like to eat at "in-n-out"
[] you're danish
[] you live/lived in colorado
[] you live/lived in cali
[] you were/are homeschooled
[] you have O4 siblings
[] you've been to lots of places all over the world

now tag any #R5family who you think would like to do this! 
@lexieholl @jordybell @sofijoao @ombreskies @stashabell 

anyone can do the tag even if they werent tagged!
thanks for reading guys! if you read the whole thiing comment "its complicated"
✧ get stʀange with the staʀs ✧
xo taylor || #R5 #R5family || O7.21.14
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Love it!♡

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WAIT NOW I SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS BLUE RIGHT!!!!!!!!! (it blends in with the dress picture behind it...)

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@a-fashiondiva-named-pengette it's a skirt

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