Waking up I had very little recollection of yesterday. The fact that could be a wizard was burned in my brain. I rolled over to see a girl sleeping in the bed across the room. Oh great, let's hope I don't kill her. I slowly made my way to the messy pile of clothes in my trunk and picked out my favourite baseball shirt from lazy oaf, dark denim shorts, and sheer black tights. I went in the bathroom to change when I decided to not bother with my hair it looked alright. 

I walked back to my trunk digging for my makeup bag, my roommate shuffled in her bed. "Be quite Zoe!" I whispered to myself. There was no sign of a table anywhere but a full length mirror in-between the beds & small side drawers. I sat down on the floor and searched for my eyeliner. The girl shuffled once more. I started to do my signature winged cat-eye when I heard a voice. "Hi. I’m sorry I didn’t meet you last night. Once I got to the dorm, I pretty much just crashed. I was really tired and overwhelmed."

I was so focused on getting my makeup perfect also didn't want to talk so I simple said "Yaaa…" exaggerating it greatly. I didn't pay attention to her until I was finished. The door of the bathroom opened as I turned around. My roommate came out in a really awesome outfit. Hmm, she's alright. "I like your outfit", I smiled
"Thanks," she replied, "your eyeliner looks great. Whenever I try cat-eye make-up I totally screw it up"
"I can do it for you if you want" I offered and she accepted. We introduced each other. Her name is Blair, an surprisingly we have loads in common. So maybe school won't be so bad.

Today was club sign ups, I didn't want to sign up for any to be honest. I went anyway when a particular guy caught my eye. He was the boy I saw on the first day, dark hair with blue eyes. I finally got up enough courage to talk to him. "Excuse me?" I tapped his shoulder "Um, do you know where the photography club sign up is?" 
"Yeah, you can follow me" he smiled, "what's your name?" 
"Zoey. Zoey Simms" 
"Nice to meet you, I'm Jason Mckinley" 
"it's nice to meet you too, did you sign up for any clubs yet?"
"No not yet, none of them interest me. I'm more into my studies anyway." he said. Jason gestured at the photography sign ups.
"Aren't you signing up?" he asked.
"Oh! Umm. No!" I thought on my feet, "My roommate told me to meet her here" 
He nodded understandingly. "Well, I hope to see you around Zoey." he smiled and left. 
"You too" I whispered. I was never the one to like a guy so easily, but he seemed different. 

As the day went on I wandered looking at the clubs, eventually making my way back to my room. I flopped myself on the bed & kicked off my shoes ready for tomorrow.

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