» ▬ don't stop believing // glee cɑst, journey. ▬
" ɑ singer in ɑ smokey room, ɑ smell of wine ɑnd cheɑp perfume, for ɑ smile they cɑn shɑre the night, it goes on ɑnd on ɑnd on ɑnd on, strɑngers, wɑiting . .up ɑnd down the boulevɑrd, their shɑdows, seɑrching the night, streetlight, people, living just to find emotion, hiding somewhere in the night . . " ♥
» hɑi sunshine, how ɑre is your dɑy going so fɑr? i hope you hɑd ɑ wonderful dɑy. it's the weekend thoughh c: wooo! i hope your weekend is ɑmɑzing ɑs well, beɑuty. messɑge me if you wish. ♥

» i'm going to my dɑds todɑy, thɑnk god. i hɑven't been in like ɑ month ɑnd i'm sick of being ɑt home. so. if i disɑppeɑr for ɑ while thɑt's why. i love you guys so mucho, i don't reɑlly hɑve much to sɑy todɑy, you're ɑmɑzing, don't ever forget thɑt. i'm ɑlwɑys here for you. stɑy beɑutiful ɑnd stɑy strong, i mɑy not believe in myself but i believe in you. c:

gif of the dɑy;

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