So. It's probably pointless to waste my time, but again, this is about my ex. Hm. Where to begin. Anyway, we kind of text and things, so not much conversation. It's kind boring and like a long strand of "K"s and random crap. Hm, not like the guy I dated. Also? He's suddenly into some things he didn't care for the entire 8 month period we were together. Guess it's for that B itch he's dating. I can honestly say he lowered his standards. Like, I know I'm not that pretty but compared to her I'm gorgeous. Yes, that was mean, and no she didn't do anything to me. As far as I know at least. They might have been dating before we split also. So, yea. Cool. Isn't it great watching your ex get with someone else? Like her none the less! I'm probably just a big kumquat, but who cares? I was his "wife" remember? We were going to get married and shit, but I guess he can move on quick. I mean, he "couldn't live without me" so what? He doesn't even talk to me anymore. I can understand, but he says he wants to talk but then pulls sh!t like calling me a two tailed beast in partial Japanese. Wee. Eff him and his flag burning antics.

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