November 24, 2012

Song of the day: Light A Roman Candle With Me - Fun. 

This set is dedicated to @are-you-with-me. Happy birthday! Sorry I missed it yesterday, but I hope you had an amazing day! You're super sweet and I so appreciate all the likes and comments! You are also so talented and make incredible sets with such stylish outfits! So glad to have you here on Polyvore because you're an amazing Polymember and friend! Wish you all the best! xx


1) I decided I like Fun's "Aim and Ignite" album better than their "Some Nights" album (except for the fact that "Some Nights" is a brilliant song). I don't know, I just like the sound of their first songs better, but the second ones are good too. They're just so amazing.
2) So, thank you to everyone who was wishing me good luck with my Black Friday shopping--I originally didn't think I was going to do any, but then my mom asked me to go to the city with her, so I did... Now, first of all, I love the city. It just psychs me up. When I was younger, I hated it because I thought it was dirty and kinda scary--it was just too overwhelming for a little girl like me. But now, I find myself wishing I could go more often! It's such a shame to live so close and never really go. But the train's kind of expensive and it's a hassle to drive in...
3) But anyways. So I went with my mom to a bunch of stores for her, but then she brought me to Urban Outfitters, and I was in heaven. They had an additional 50% off the sale items, and normally when they have things like that, there are really bad items in the sale section, but this time, there were so many gorgeous things! And I got them all for like $10!!! Ugh. I wish I could take some artsy pictures of my clothes like the ones gracing the pages of Tumblr--actually, that might be a fun little project, but right now I don't have time--but I found one that I had already saved before, and I don't know if it's actually the same shirt, but my favorite purchase from yesterday was a blouse that looks like this: I nearly died when I found it. It's perfect. And it was $15. Not bad, right? Then I got this leather skirt, which is about the coolest skirt ever and it was also only $15! But it's gorgeous! And those were the two most expensive things I got. Everything else was $10 or under. I was so pleased. So yeah, in case you guys were interested, that was the tale of my Black Friday.
4) And I didn't see Megan and Liz in the city yesterday--not that I was looking for them, but if they did stick around after the parade, I did not run into them. Which was somewhat disappointing.
5) And as is always the case, I came to the realization that all of my outfits suck. Seriously. Prancing around on the streets of NYC is the opposite of an ego-booster. Unless you're Blake Lively or something. Then you'd feel pretty cool. But for normal people like me, it's discouraging walking around and seeing all of these fashionable people, and then it's like... there's you. Lol.
6) On a side note, there are so many cute dogs in NYC. I love seeing them all over the streets.
7) Oh, and I discovered that I love iced coffee. It's like coffee ice cream in a cup. It's so yummy.
8) They've started playing Christmas music on the radio again! Yayyy! I love the atmosphere during Christmas time. 
9) So this is kind of random, but as I was studying history the other day, I was thinking... Why on earth did Americans lose their British accents? Like how did that even happen? And to whoever started saying pronounce things x way instead of y way--you suck. Because British accents just sound so much better and if we all had British accents we'd all be super cool and equal under the eyes of cute British boys with adorable British accents. Lol. Okay. Just had to say that.
10) I spent the morning at a 5-hr driving course. One of the many requirements of NY State before getting your license. It was so boring. But now I'm one step closer to getting my license. YAY!
11) Alright guys. I'm gonna go now. Hope you all have a fab weekend! And ooh, tell me of your own Black Friday adventures! =) xx
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