Agerville University is a private college located in South Carolina. Nestled away on private, beautiful grounds the school is 20 minutes from the nearest town, and only an hour’s drive from Charleston. Agerville is well known for their extensive selection of programs, all of which prepare well-trained and educated students to enter the world as tomorrow’s leaders. But, this down-home school isn’t all libraries and lectures. School pride is fueled by great academic programs, school productions are put on multiple times a year, and alumni events give everyone a chance for some glamour. But, above all, the blood of this school is pumped out by its heart, the Greek system. And among these houses, two sororities seem to come to the forefront…

Sigma Pi Omicron is the place many pre-college girls imagine when they think of sororities. This bubble gum pink colored house is called home by some of the most beautiful girls on campus. They keep their grades up, raise buckets of money for charity, throw fantastic parties and are the darlings of Agerville. Though they seem to have the administration wrapped around their little fingers, they’re never above getting dirty to get what they want. Sigmas may look sweet, but they’re more spice then sugar. Behind their glossy appearance, they can be some of the meanest girls you’ll ever meet. They’re the ones you feared in high school, all grouped together and living under one roof. They’ll steal your boyfriend, or have you expelled, and not even blink a perfectly curled eyelash. But this doesn’t make them any less desirable. Becoming a Sigma is any pledge’s dream come true. But not just anyone can make the cut in this cutthroat sorority.

When you come up the walk to the Kappa Upsilon Rho sorority you’ll find the front lawn filled with flowerpots boasting brightly colored arrays. Come up the porch steps and you’ll be greeted with a sign above the door saying “If you lived here, you’ll be home now”. Once inside the door you’ll find a fun, bright atmosphere. A place where girls study and play, together as one. To the untrained eye Kappa mat seem like the perfect sorority. But, next to the Sigmas, the Kappas don’t stand a chance, and they never have. Founded on campus only two years after Sigma’s foundation, the original Agerville Kappa’s sought a place where girls could be themselves and find life-long friends. They never sought out to compete, the competition came to them, in the form of budget cuts, property taking, and pledge stealing. Over time, they found they just couldn’t compete, and their pledge classes grew smaller and smaller. Now they’re just barely surviving, as the Sigma’s increasingly entreat on their territory. But, they just might not stay docile for so long.

It’s a new year, and a whole new crop of wide-eyed freshman pledges are up for the taking. The Greek life may be about the bonds of sisterhood, but from now on, it’s war. May the best house win.
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