~Ingrid Michaelson, Be OK


SUNDAY, JANUARY 9TH: Ava is hosting a well-needed girls-only spa day! Be ready to get pampered with a mani-pedi, facial, and deep tissue massage. Let yourself relax, because we all know you deserve it!

"How am I supposed to frickin' relax when my feet are killing me and my stomach feels like it's about to explode?!" I was sure I sported a crazed look on my face as we all trumped into the spa's doors. Ava and Lexi, the two closest to me, laughed. I gave them an ugly grimace.

"Mood swings," Lexi said at the same time that Ava said,

"Morning sickness." 

"This is not funny!" I snapped uncharacteristically harshly. "You two did not tell me that pregnancy is no walk in the park!"

"Um, that's pretty much common sense, Oli," Serena rolled her eyes at me. "Plus the fact, you're wearing heels. That's your own fault, sweetie."

"Don't tell me what to do," I narrowed my eyes at my best friend as we all filed into the changing room. I stood there stiffly, refusing to change into their super-plush robes. God, I was turning into some kind of pregnant mega-witch. 

"Oli, this will make you feel better. I promise." Ava rubbed my shoulder. She slid into her robe and glanced back at me. "Everything will okay, don't worry."

"This is all Thomas' fault," I muttered, finally giving in and grabbing a white robe. On second thought, did white make you look fat?

"How?" Serena asked curiously. I was too busy wrapped up in my own problems to even ask her about Adam and this Ben guy. I would, later. 

"Because he's irresistible!" I moaned, gripping my stomach in pain. 

"Right..." Serena raised an eyebrow. "I still don't see how it is his fault."

"Don't be such a blonde, S," I told her. "When a really attractive guy asks a really in love girl to come over to his house and they really love each other..."

Despite my rudeness to her, Serena bust out laughing. "Spare me the details, please."

"Like you don't have dirty details of your own," Lexi smirked. 

Serena smiled devilishly. "Maybe."

"Come on girls, this is a spa day! Let's forget about the guys and focus on US!" Ava clapped. We all cheered like a gaggle of corny game show contestants. 

"Fine, but I need some hot tea, stat," I followed them into the massaging area. 

"Since when do you like hot tea?" Serena wondered aloud. 

"Since birth, duh," I said.

"No way, you used to hate it!" Serena folded her arms across her chest. 

Oh my God, she really was having a blonde day. Yeah, I was blonde too, but really Serena?

"I am pregnant. With child. We have these things called cravings. I want hot tea. Get the picture?" I said slowly.

Ava and Lexi laughed beside us.

"I guess so," Serena shrugged. "But I don't see what that has to do with your stomach hurting."

If I hadn't fell into a massage chair right then to relieve my stress, I might have shook my best friend silly. 

Lucky her. 

{comment 'pregnancy blues' if you read please. I hope it's okay that I used Ava, Lexi, and Serena in the story!}
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