someone for everyone - this century ft. austin gibbs

came back from a 3 and a half week holiday to hong kong/korea on tuesday. since then i've gone segway-ing, had a sleepover at my pal ella's, recieved my AS results and unpacked all the stuff i bought. not too bad if i say so myself.

and i've still got loads of plans yet. this summer has been/is going to be hella busy for me.

man, i got so mad today. long story short, i asked one of my best friends (for now...) if she wanted to meet up seeing as we haven't seen each other all summer. she said no, and that even if she does get time she wants to see this guy who's almost her boyfriend. WELL. thanks a lot. really.

i make the effort to meet up with you and you tell me that you'd rather see a guy that you like.

so much for bros before hoes.
and i've heard that he is a huuuuge hoe.

but apart from that all is fine and dandy.
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