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Juniors, its time for another semester, go to Westlake Academy to pick up your new schedules and your new school gear, possibly get some lunch with your friends after. [FREE DAY]

I took my time walking to school, I didn't care if I missed my first class because it would have been a waste of time anyway. I didn't even know why I was bothering to come to school, I most certainly had better things to do. But approached the dull school gates, I put out my cigarette using my left shoe and walked to the main office. I always had a tendancy of 'forgetting' to sign in after arriving late but being the good little 'angel' I am and also because Lavender's growing tired of recieving phone calls asking why I'm not present. 

I pushed open the door of the office and I was welcomed by the weird smell that had always been there and I've spent all of my years at high school trying to figure what the f.ck it could be. The office lady lifted her head and raised an eyebrow before standing and approaching the desk, she glared at me from over her glasses.

"Miss Shah, what have you done to visit the principal's office once again?" she asked. "We must really enjoy spending time in the principal's office" she added, she always found it amusing to try to anger me. It never worked because that would mean she could do a little victory dance and trust me, I don't want to see at old woman almost fall out of her dress.

"I arrived late, Betty" I stated and smirked, she didn't enjoy students using her first name. "Now, let me sign in and piss off" I said, picking up the pen and waiting for her to hand me the late sign in folder.

"Why are you late?" Betty asked, holding the folder in her hand but making sure it was out of my reach.

"My motorcycle is in the shed getting fixed, now, I have no patience so let me sign this stupid folder and leave" I crossed my arms over my chest. Obviously, she didn't believe me. Betty approached the window, pulling the blind across to see if my motorcycle was in its usual parking spot in the teacher's car park. It wasn't.

"Fair enough" she said in a snotty way, she handed me the folder and I quickly signed in. 

"I hope you have a nice day, Betty" I said sarcastically while giving her a small wave. She shook her head and glared at me.

"Miss Shah" I heard Betty say after I had turned on my heel and began walking, I stopped but didn't turn around. "You have to show the exchange student around" she stated, I opened my mouth to argue but the boy who must have been the exchange student looked at me and mouthed 'Please'.

"Fine" I grumbled, grabbing the boys arm and walking down the coridoor with him. We were walking in silence before he spoke.

"Thankyou, that weird lady kept staring at me" the boy spoke, well, he was more of a man. He had a strong English accent which made me look at him.

"She's a freak, I've never f.cking liked her" I shrugged, "Well, I've got a class to go to so have fun finding your way around this hole" I flashed a fake smile before making a right turn into my Math class.

I parked my a.ss in between Lilah and Carmen who looked as if they were on another planet. Carmen was wearing her usual black shades which made me let out a small chuckle, she turned and I knew she was glaring at me. 

"Another hangover?" 

She nodded.

"I have no idea why the f.ck I wasn't invited" I shrugged, dumping my handbag onto the ground next to my desk.

"You would finished all the wine in less than an hour" Carmen stated, a smile creeping on her face. 

"There musn't have been much then" I laughed, "What about you Miss Bad gone Good?" I smirked turning to Lilah. "I'll miss your dirty habits, they always gave us something to talk about".

"Like you can talk" was all Lilah had to say.
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