The Girls of Theta House,
Alaska de Sauveterre

Monday, August 5;

"So, have you gotten used to the short hair?" I asked Aria, as I sat in an arm chair and though I felt rude for interrupting whatever program she was watching; I wanted to talk to someone.

Everyone was out and about, yet again. But Aria was sitting comfortably on the couch with a blanket over her. She peered over at me before leaning over, picking up the remote and pressing the 'mute' button.

"Yeah, I really like it. It's different and nice and so easy to look after" Aria beamed, nodding as she ran a hand through her short locks of hair.

"It suits you, it really suits you" I said truthfully and smiled wide. Aria's cheeks went a light shade of pink at the compliment. 

"I'm glad that people like it too" Aria nodded, looking over at me and returning the smile.

"Yeah, but remember, if you like it then you don't need anyone else's judgement. After all, it's your hair, not theirs" I reminded her. 

Aria nodded and moved the blanket from the end of the couch, motioning to it, I knew she wanted me to accompany her. I smiled, not rejecting the offer since it was nice to have her want my company. 

I had missed all the times we'd hung out and I was glad to know that she'd dealt with her troubles before the end of the summer. It would allow her to let her hair down and relax. But then again, she was doing that regularly before; if sitting on the couch and watching TV meant relaxing. 

Everyone had a different definition of relaxing. 

"Aw, your legs and feet have already warmed up this part of the couch" I grinned, laughing. It caused Aria to laugh too, shaking her head at my stupidity.

"So, what's on TV at the moment?" I asked, attempting to make conversation. I assumed everything was back to normal and I could hold a conversation without feeling as if I'd done something wrong.

"Just channel surfing" Aria shrugged, "nothing interesting is ever on" she added. I nodded; I knew very well there was never anything good on television, hence why I chose to watch movies or read.

"Hey, hey, look who are snuggling on the couch" Liam announced as he walked in, interrupting our Aria and Ally time. Scott followed beside him, both approaching the couch we sat on. I smiled at Scott sweetly, who returned the smile, just as sweetly, making me want to melt.

"You know, you two should kiss to break the tension" Liam commented, grinning widely. We knew he was joking and we'd both become used to his silly comments. 

But this one, was definitely in the 'top 10's' now.

"Hey! That's my job" Scott hit his friend on the arm lightly before leaning in and kissing me. I kissed him back gently before parting from him; I didn't want to make the other two feel awkward.

"See, that's why we shouldn't kiss because it's Scott's job. Also, the fact that we're like best friends" Aria said defensively, referring to the friendship Aria and I had. 

"Think about it, you might change your mind" Liam grinned. "I mean, for all we know, you two could be playing footsies under that blanket."

"Shut up, Liam" I rolled my eyes. "So, what are you two up to?" I asked, running a hand through my hair.

"Getting some drinks, then heading back to the beach" Scott explained, beginning to walk to the kitchen without Liam.

"You forgot something Scott" Aria called after him, pointing to Liam who was still waiting for a response to his suggestion. "P.S not happening" she added with a smirk.

"Dang it" he snapped his fingers and followed after Scott.

"They're trouble when they're together" Aria shook her head and unmuting the TV so we were welcomed by Ellen DeGeneres interviewing Rihanna. 

"Do you like Rihanna?" I asked, tilting my head slightly as I began to watch Ellen speaking with Rihanna.

"She's not too bad, not my favourite though" Aria shrugged casually. "I listen to cool music, you should know that already, Ally" she grinned.

I laughed before sliding my mobile out of the pocket of my shorts after it beeped. It was from Scott, who was still in the kitchen.

'You, me, tonight;' it read.

"Who's texting you?" Aria beamed, raising an eyebrow.

"It's just Scott, never mind" I smiled, placing it back in my pocket without replying. 

I knew the waiting for a response would kill him just as much as waiting until tonight would.
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