Once I start I can't stop making SHINee sets! really, these guys are sooo perfect each one in its own way! 
and Kiss Kiss Kiss is at least for me the best ballad they've ever sung. OMG! I'm so sensitive now that it made me cry... hahaha 

I spent this afternoon with my granddad (who has Alzheimer's disease) he just kept asking about my grandmom and I had to lie saying that she's fine when she's not T_T and then I looked at his eyes and I was about to cry when I noticed his sadness but I had to hold tears and fake a smile... this is so stressful! I'm so afraid something bad happens to her...

But even so, we had a good time together, I shaved his mustache and made him a manicure, he laughed so hard when I applied him some nail hardener, but then again I had to stop myself from crying after he said I was his little princess and kissed my hand and thanked me with his messed English. Each day I feel worst, I've neglected my grandparents and now my trip is approaching and I haven't spent enough time with them, I'm so afraid I don't get to see them again after I leave... TT__TT

Sorry for my random thoughts... It's just... I need to take this out...
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