I just wanted to show, what a lil describes me.

I love casual garb, and calm, pastel colours. I'm obsessed with sandals, and cardigans. I can't choose only one style, my style is mixed of many things. I usually make my outfit a lil more boho but only with using bows or flowers. Jeweleries are indispensable prerequisites of my look. When I was a pupil at primary school, I used to collect teddy bears, and I think it infuenced me. I wouldn't say that all the people like my style. Probably there's somebody who thinks it's oldish because of the flowers or laced items. I could cry when I meet an item of mine on the street, it can absolutely freak me out. My inspiration can get from anywhere. It is eternal.
hope you'll like it!
-kisses from Anna

One comment

Wrote two years ago
Amazing...Thanks for sharing!!! :)


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