Did a quick tag/set after my physics paper. Let us welcome the return of polka dots to my sets!! Hooray!! I was tagged by @diegolohve and @bittersweet89 to write about 10 things I love :)

10 Things I Love: (away with the obvious stuff!)

1) Definitely God. I don't know how I could have gotten through several moments in my life without His presence.  I admit that I take Him for granted sometimes, but I am trying to improve on this grey area.

2) Food. Idk if this is obvious, but I just felt like saying it, I love food. It's one of my best friends, been there for me when I am happy sad furious angst etc. I especially love travelling for this fact! The excitement of tasting new food is always a thrill for me. Oh and desserts. God forbid I put on more weight!

3) On shuffle, a song comes on and it embodies my very feelings at that time. I don't know how to explain this, it's just a wonderful feeling. Music just has this capability of being there for you whenever, whatever. (provided that your player/phone is charged). 

4) Rainy mornings. Snuggling into my blankets always is a great start to my day! Oh but it is bad when it is a school day :p

5) Imagining myself in storybooks. An escape from reality, to have a better life, a better everything. And also to pretend that you have a super hot boyfriend next to you haha ;)

6) Fairy tales. They just make me so happy. Another escape from reality, but at least they tell you that the bad guy can be defeated! Oh and the TV show 'Once Upon A Time' is quite good! I recommend it.

7) Travelling. The adventure of finding new places, speaking new languages, trying new food, just gives me an all time sugar high. I haven't been pass Asia yet, but I hope I will be able to go to Europe next year with my school. Eep.

8) Sherlock Holmes (the character). Sherlock Holmes is one of the classics which I can never put down, and can never get enough of. Certain classics is kind of a 'one shot' thing, you wouldn't really pick them up to re-read the story. In the case of Holmes, I am always intrigued by his astuteness. (perhaps because I want to be this amazing spy when I grow up -- unrealistic dream) How he manages to solve the queerest crimes and the singular way he does so. 

9) Random dance jams. I love it when there is nobody in the house, I would blast my music loudly and just dance around in my PJs. It helps me relieve a lot of stress and brings me great joy. It's fun with some of my crazy friends, which is why I love them to bits.

10) Watching YouTube videos. I sound like a loner who has no life. I love watching those people who are ranting about 'social (cyber) issues' and those who make brilliant covers of songs I love (though no one has been able to do a great Ed Sheeran cover. Yet.) And the weird videos which I don't even know how to explain, but it's pretty hilarious :)

Now I tag @irishrose1, @fake-queen, @hijabikebabi and @mhew.

Also, happy birthday to @le-petit-demon (sorry its late), @teacafe and @feygirl. Remember, it's not who you are that holds you back but who you think you are not! Go forth in the direction what you want; you are free to be happy, to laugh and to dream. With that, have a sweet year ahead!

PS: just realised my last two sets were top sets, much thanks from the bottom of my heart<3
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