2012/05/27 I'll leaving my boys sets just someday but you see I can't haha..
Featuring with my current obsessed "Kai" 
I random found out since May,25-27 EXO-K have lots of event oh yahhh i join them too ke keeee:)

Today I 'll mentioned >> how sad ,See it again Kai still keep working while he got injured his back
and he put pain relief patches on his lower back….see from video below »

120526 Lotte World Open Broadcast - Kai
At least SM should allowed him rest just 2-3 days go to hospital why can't? I remember Leejoon can take some rest he got injured too while just debuted,I never change image of SM seriously Fu*** sh** always like this i'm not sorry to say about this may be someone disagree and said that i've no clue to say it.
they're human not machine who can sing,dance,entertain ppl since 10AM morning -4AM? [plus practice,i think]

But Kai still smile to fans,he must cover his pain so bad>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrBY8rpNpJw&feature=related

they're just kid need some rest,that why i don't want to be fan of idol from SM..i don't want to see this case again thanks god that JYJ leaving them:)

I got injured my back too till now coz i'm overdo pitching baseball i lets time passed from 1 month to 1 year up to 2 years..i can feels how hurt of this..
pain relief patches isn't works forever !! can't even move after patches turn cold..OMG~ i dislike it.
back is full of nerve to control your lower move and hand move oh it's hurt ..Hmmm stay save Kai warning **

Wanna tell you sth about Kai's art on my profile.
you can see lots of K-pop fan art on this web
http://tegaki.pipa.jp specially you can request on this web but most of all it's Japanese..
I just see FYexoart blah blah things re-posted pls support the original they're works hard include me,at least thanks for give us credit.
almost of them even not K-pop fan but still works coz many fans request us to do.
official they're an artist who works for Manga/drawing/illustration and taking request sometime.
we've real pics that not the same with posted on web coz edit to be .jpg[file pic]
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