Excuse my French there might be some words....

I love wearing hoodies, Arizona Tea (especially mango tango) , And sure as h3ll love me some got d@mn skittles. I'll be damned if im trying to walk home and someone is trying to kill me. What for why are you trying to kill me? HUH?!? Is it because im black? Some people are so ignorant about race some people just can't stand those of different color but hey! It's not there fault they had to get it from someone! I don't get how people just hate on somebody by the color of there skin I mean judge someone by their attitude not by the way they look by the color of their skin. So what do African Americans do now? Do we just act like how tf they "THINK" we act because im pretty sure some people are close to that. But atleast not only black people feel this strongly about this. Thank goodness all races think about this..Im just saying Zimmerman walks around free because he calls it "SELF DEFENSE" well what if I walk up to him and he looks at me and I just pul out my gun and shoot him. Can I say Oh it was self defense? I don't think so that thing (Zimmerman) should serve time but guess wht since he isn't serving time here on earth I hope his @$$ like serving time in h3ll because I think that's where he is going. If you gotta races mind you iight just don't act on it.
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