Anastaysia Pivovarova 

sixteen & been here one year
Ana is a mere baby compared to the other girls here at Kashchenko. Coming from a relatively well off family in a village not too far from here, she was always intrigued by the crazies here. A dreamy sort of girl, she doesn't say much except 'wow' and 'how lovely'. You can usually find her tilting her head to the side, gazing up into space thinking about virtually nothing. Why was she admitted you ask? Well, simple. Because she asked to be. Yes, it is true Ana is the only girl who does not have a true disorder. Given she is spacey and delicately soft-spoken but there is absolutely nothing wrong with her- besides maybe the fact that she is willingly here. The other girls can't seem to comprehend why Ana stays here but she doesn't mind, she just smiles and goes about her business. But there must be some reason....
taken by; OPEN
model; Barbara Palvin

Top three choices:

What I wouldn't do for you. You don't even know me but I see you every day. They say it's madness, darling, but I know it's love. They can't see you the way I can. Sometimes I swear if they asked me about you, I'd lie. 
I'd lie for me, but I'd really be lying for you. Because for you I'd climb the highest mountain, reach for the stars, lay under the full moon, watch the sun set, lay in a bed of roses. 
But recently it's changed and there's avalanches on the mountains, the stars burn my fingertips, the moon's light hurts me, the sun never sets but burns, and the roses have thorns. 
Darling, I know you can't bear to hear this, but as much as it hurts you, it hurts me more. 
They don't see you because they say you're not real, but I know you are. 
They don't believe me because they say you're not alive, but I know you were. 
They won't let me be with you but I don't care. I will be with you, darling. Don't worry. 
I've set up the necklace, darling. It's hanging there; I see it swaying back and forth slowly. I'm stepping up to it, darling, and it fits like I've been waiting for it my whole life. I feel the chair beneath my feet and the necklace on my chin. Then I will kick away the chair. Then we'll be together. 
Together we'll look down at these mortal fools and laugh.
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