Möbelbau Kaether & Weise Kaether & Weise - doppelhoppel Rocking Horse
  • Magis - me too Magis Me Too - Pingy Tumbler Boy
    Pingy is a funny companion for the journey, they enrich every children’s room. Eero Aarnio was inspired by real penguin chicks for his tumbler boy design. The Pingy tumbler boy by Magis Me Too brings the cheeky polar bird now into child’s rooms in a playful way: If Pingy is pushed or boxed; the huge tumbler penguin will tumble a little with somehow awkward movements from one side to another, as if it was a real penguin. Since Pingy is made out of robust polyethylene, it can serve as punching-ball outside. If the Eero Aarnio designed tumbler boy isn’t dancing, it also makes a pretty lovingly figure as decoration object.
  • Magis - me too Magis Me Too - Puppy
    Plastic furniture is the area of expertise of Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. In 1973, he created the Pony stool for Adelta – a seating object which looks as the Tipi stool more like an oversized toy. Since 2005, the Italian manufacturer Magis is producing a further object for the own children’s collection which is designed by Eero Aarnio: Puppy – the abstract dog made of plastic. Puppy is a very decorative plastic object which does not only bring lots of joy into the kid’s room but it is also suitable for outdoor use. The robust puppy is made of rotational-moulded polyethylene. It is available in two different colours and three different sizes.
  • Playsam - Rocking Rabbit
    It mustn't always be a horse… Rocking Rabbit by Playsam is a rocking animal which re-interprets the classic rocking horse. Children love Playsam’s Rocking Rabbit as toy, adults because of its cheeky-elegant appearance. That is the reason why the Rocking Rabbit doesn't only look good in children's room, but also in the living room. The Björn Dahlström designed Rocking Rabbit consists of wood and it has even been awarded the “Utmärkt Svensk Form” (Excellent Swedish Design). Rocking Rabbit is a good example for creative, Scandinavian design which is useful and timeless.
  • Magis - me too Magis Me Too - Nido
    Do you remember the Twipsy, the colourful mascot from the EXPO 2000 in Hanover? If you do, you won’t have difficulties of recognizing that Nido and Twipsy came out of the same feather. The Spanish Javier Mariscal, who was also responsible for the design pf the Olympic games in 1992 in Barcelona, again displays his enthusiasm for comics, which he has since his childhood, with Nido. The Pop-Art whale is also suitable for outdoor areas, contrasting the original, this one stays ashore. The ground inside of the yellow fish is grass-like in green, while the yellow ceiling is covered with graffiti. Typically for the “Me Too” series from Magis, also Nido is made out of high quality polyethylene. Nido is perfectly suitable as hiding place or house for children and it will also ensure funny times to your offspring.
  • Magis - me too Magis Me Too - My Zoo
    My Zoo surprises, since the mountable animals from Magis Me Too don’t install a horse in your corridor, but another zoo animal. The idea of the cardboard animals from the Catalan designer Martí Guixé is similar to all the unusual ideas he uses to have. Bears, elephants, dromedaries, giraffes or whales are some unusual pieces of decoration, which surely attract attention. The different sizes of the animals make it possible to install them in different rooms or on shelves or even fill the whole children’s room. Magis produces the My Zoo animals of the Me To collection out of stable cardboard, which can surely be recycled. The cardboards are weightless and robust so that they can be mounted and demounted several times. The animals can also be painted or filled with stickers if desired. Let your creativity cover them!

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