Sexy Kai baby :)
I started to called him Oppa with no reason :)

And today wanna talks about EXO dirty confession on Tumblr !! http://exodirtyconfessions.tumblr.com/
P.S if someone here being this blog staff I should say this come from my opinion I won't say sorry about for all I write first time I'm totally disagree.

On Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YatzkrSEPC8
Does anyone see it,I can't believe it someone used to express dirty thoughts about these young boys[EXO age around 18-22] it's still young&innocence,they deserved supporter more than used them to be role models and dreaming sth like this oh forgot to say if wanna write fanfic why not going to fanfic broad it's suit for subject.

I used to be Korean fan since lated 90's I was grow up with H.O.T I learn so many things day by day it's so beautiful to being fans till now EXO[2012] and they're my age my generation, I never ever see sth like this before I kinda shocking,pretty sure EXO fans more than 50% are so young[Nate Korea poll said major age around 13-17] still wild even young[or teenage] can express like this openly,what's wrong with Tumblr too that allowed these dirty can posted.
specially Kai he had lots of dirty dreaming/posted already.

I'm accepted erotic/novel/books as well it's about art but those posted on Tumblr i can't accepted.
of course it's personal ppl can dreaming about dirty when you love someone.
I'm a conservative person about this.specially they're so young just debuted and have sunshine way to go while fans or not fans at all have done like this. 

So sad seriously so many ppl like it,and going to be daily life for posted dirty..for example you see Justin Bieber had lots of dirty posted on youtube and fans screaming "What's wrong with their mind" it's accused !!! and nowadays we can found porn [link and pics] on Tumblr
I tell the truth yesterday i search tag Kai even EXO-K i found porn pics.
and you know i found exodirtyconfession since second week of EXO debuted.
preys for ppl who accused artist :(
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