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♦ Miss Kara Elizabeth Middleton 
Age; Twenty Five
Hometown; Bucklebury, England 
Relationship Status; Engaged to Prince William 
Style; Prim and proper, picture a modern day Audrey Hepburn, or Grace Kelly 
The real life Cinderella, Kara is a middle class girl, who fell in love with a prince. Of course though, Kara isn’t just your ordinary middle class gal. With a poise of someone born into royalty, and the ability to handle the press with extreme success, it’s very evident that Kara was meant to be a princess. Born and raised in a small town fifty miles away from London, the Middletons were regular flight workers, just earning a living. Kara has a younger sister, Poppy, and a younger brother making her the oldest of three. The family lived ordinarily for a few years, until the parents opened a very successful party planning company, making the family millions, and giving them the opportunity to send the children to the top schools in the country. During this time, Kara was becoming the young women she is today. She was having her all night sleepovers with her friends, and fawning over the princes. She never expected that one day, that prince would end up being completely in love with her, and a shiny sapphire engagement would appear on her left finger. But that’s another, later story. Kara, during her school years, was completely loved by everyone she talked too. If you asked anyone, Kara was their favorite person to be around. That transcended into her schoolwork, where she excelled in all subjects, and ended up being top ten in her class. Her school career ended up sending her to St. Andrews, a decision apparently brought on by her mother. The choice was perfect, and through fate, Kara ended up meeting Will. Almost six years after they met, Will finally proposed, and now Kara will face possibly being the future queen, and then there is the fact she’s a bride as well. 
Model; Raina Hein 

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