After arriving, I entered the suite of Chloe where it was like a Greek Goddess's party. I would only assume that Chloe would wear a distinct color to set herself higher than us. I saw nervous goddesses all around and I tried to calm my own nerves, avoiding the champagne going around at all costs. After last night's relapse, I wanted to stay as far away from alcohol for a while. I wasn't feeling too confident in myself when Chloe did make her appearance. She had a look of business that kept most people from approaching her, but when I saw her down the bubbly contents of one of the flutes, I theorized that she was just as nervous as we were. Perhaps more.
**After she finishes her speech**
I heard people letting out their breaths. I let out one I didn't even know I had been holding. I had successfully made it into the Holly House but . . . it was because of the success with James . . . James . . . I almost tackled one of the dressed attendees with the platters of champagne but refrained from it. I also noticed that I was all alone again. I would not have the protection of Bridge or B. I was now a higher up and I had to make higher up friends and connections. I remember my third step mother saying once "Kara, it's important to keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer. But don't stand too close or you'll burn your extensions off." Of course I've never worn extensions but leave it to Debra to make me sound like a child who doesn't know anything.
No wait excuse me, Debra was my second step mom. Hannah was the third step mother.

The girls dispersed and I saw the girls who got dropped running off in a fit of frustration and humiliation. I knew that I never wanted to be there . . . ever.
I made my way with the rest of the Holly's to claim a boy. I saw James wasn't there and I let out a sigh of relief.
"Relieved to find someone?" I turned to see a boy I had never seen before.
"And you are?"
"I just transferred from Europe due to my father's business. So I'm new here."
"And you name?"
"Why do you need to know such trivial stuff straight away?" He smirked a charming smirk that made me even more curious.
"Well then. You are my bell boy." I said smirking myself.
"Should I take it as an honor to be carrying your things?" I laughed. He had a slight accent though it sounded Australian rather than European.
"You should." I said laughing. He laughed too and started to grab my things. He managed to take half my luggage on the first trip. Upper body strength? Check. This might not be so bad.

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