karalina evangeline bloomberg

✧ full name : karalina evangeline bloomberg
✧ pronunciation : ka-ruh-lee-nuh | eev-an-juh-leene | bloom-burg
✧ nickname(s) : kara, karabee, kb, k
✧ age : sixteen
✧ grade : junior
- - - -
✧ nationality : one hundred percent american. her father's family is from brazil and her mother's is from germany. so technically she's 1/2 brazillian and 1/2 german.
✧ hometown : new york, new york
✧ family :
{ karalina evangeline bloomberg - merp }
{ jezebel delilah bloomberg - sister }
{ alexander ian bloomberg - brother }
{ michael maddox bloomberg - daddy }
{ harley ransom bloomberg - mommy }
{ olivier luc bettencourt - boy toy one}
{ zac thomas armitage - boy toy two }
- - - -
✧ short biography : the eldest bloomberg. the famed favorite. he's a graduate from MIT, he works for NASA. we're not one hundred percent what he does. he's his father's pride and joy. which is awesome for him, but it's made the two girls feel neglected. lucky for the girls, alex is a sweetie, he's very protective of his baby sisters. especially karalina. jezebel bloomberg is the... blacksheep of the family. she's 'indie' she likes chimbuca tea and discovery. she's also a crazy partier. which they all are... but jezebel doesn't mess around. she's a slight drama queen because she claims that michael likes her the least, which she 'justifies' with having lots of sex and going crazy. harley bloomberg is an up-and-coming fashion designer. when she was her daughter's age, she too was the blacksheep. that's why jezebel is her favorite. it makes karalin sad, knowing she's the least favorite of both her parents. it sucks. so. how does she justify that? by doing what jezebel does, but in a much more discreet, foxy, secretive way. it's impressive what she's been able to keep under wraps if we're being honest. that's for a later time. her mom, also happens to have a type of stomach cancer. the family is unaware of this at this time. michael bloomberg. he's a wealthy guy. born and bred a new-yorker. just like his kids. he's considered the 'king of new york' slightly ridiculous. however the media's not wrong. with michael and jezebel's wedded into family - the bettencourt family. this combined family will practically take over the world. oh yeh. jezebel is engaged. to an exchange student they had from france, olivier bettencourt. the heir to the 40 billion dollar bettencourt fourtune. that wasn't planned at all... anyways. she's constantly cheating on him. lastly. we have zac, he's from texas, he wants to get into production, and somehow, he ended up becoming harley's assistant.
✧ secret(s) : harley is having sex with her assistant - zac. karalina is having sex with olivier /and/ zac. olivier is in love with karalina. karalina has bipolar. harley has stomach cancer. alexander cheated his way through MIT. he also stole from his partner on his graduating thesis. jezebel has serious anorexia. michael is just a victim to his family. completely.
- - -
✧ appearance : a purely beautiful person. she's very tan. she loves to tan. she also loves eating healthy and going to the gym. it just makes her feel good. it also makes her glow, and, look fantastic. she's got nicely toned, long and lean legs. a plump bum from squats. toned abs. surprisingly large breasts for her small frame. and long elegant arms, leading to small dainty wrists and hands. she's got a long, elegant neck leading up to her face. she's got naturally very plump and pink lips, with a button nose, and green eyes. perfectly sculpted eyebrows complete her face. she's got very long sandy brown hair. { nina ♥ agdal }
✧ personality : her religion is love. she loves to love, she loves life, she loves nature, she loves boys, she loves talking. this has made her a very positive and kind person. when she doesn't like something it's usually for a very, very good reason and she'll make it known that she doesn't like what's happening.
✧ strengths/weaknesses : her- passion, charisma, carefree spirit, gentle demeanor, tenacity, spontaneity. her- pride, jealousy, unpredictability, lack of care for others. tbc.
✧ invite only clique preference : elites
✧ non-invite clique preference : lancaster
✧ desire to be an alpha? : no
✧ if yes, then why do you deserve such an honor? : n/a
- - - -
✧ activeness : domi{nation}
✧ anything extra? : le nada
✧ sample roleplay :
[ karalina evangeline bloomberg ]
[ polyvore set ]
[ elites ]
- - - - -
[ lacking inspiration, will write later ♥ ]
- - - -


Wrote 4 years ago
haha :D

Wrote 4 years ago
i sure hope she is xDD

Wrote 4 years ago

no problem, she seems like an interesting one!

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
this is soo cool abby!
can't wait for her to be rped


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