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Seoul Mate

ok, this is completely pointless but it's kind of a explicative story... I don't have my laptop with me and I'm super bored so I decided to write something until I get back my computer and I can complete what I already wrote! 

May's POV
“You did what?” G’s scowl was as hard as rock, he stared at me few seconds; I simply bent down my head ashamed. He cleared his throat, demanding an explanation. Slowly I faced him, our eyes met, but I remained silent, looking at him like if I was begging for forgiveness and then without any warning he stood up angrily kicking the chair.

 “If you’re independent enough to take that kind of decisions, then I think you don’t need me here anymore!” He snapped and then turned around to leave the place, furious; just in that moment Stephanie entered the atelier, her bag on her shoulder and her hands full of shopping bags.

“G, I just came from-“ but my best friend ignored her and passed by her. Stephanie frowned but her face beamed when she noticed me. “May you won’t believe-“ but as G had done seconds earlier, I also passed by her side. 

“I’ll explain you later!” I wearily said as I tried to catch up with G.

“So you’re not going to leave for good?” G asked me hours later, we were sitting on my sofa, his head resting on my lap and my hands playing with his hair. I smirked when I noticed his child-like expression.

“No, of course I won’t! Don’t be silly!” I replied slapping softly his forehead.

“Yeah, it’d be a foolish decision to leave everything now, after all the effort we’ve put into it” He smiled. “Have you talked with Suho?” I shook my head “What about Jaeseop?” I shook my head again.

“He doesn’t need to know about it” G’s lips curved into a grimace.

“Why?” He asked.

“ I just told you what I… what we did and you’re asking me why?” 

“Well, yeah” He seemed confused “If it was me the one who have done so, I’d tell Lee first” I raised an eyebrow. “Ok, I’d probably tell you first” he corrected with a giggle “But then I’d talk with Lee about my feelings because if you did so it’s clearly because things with Suho are not working-“

“And that’s exactly the reason why Jaeseop did so, as well, because things with Hayoung went wrong, I don’t want to hurt Suho telling him about what happened when he was away. He doesn’t need to know about it”

“Well, but don’t you think he’ll get to know about it eventually and he’ll hate you?”

“Why would Suho get to know?” G meditated for a moment, then he sat up and looked at me worriedly. “Suho will only get hurt, Jaeseop is nothing important in my life, what happened between us… he didn’t want it to happen, it was just a mistake, he was sad, drunk and hurt and I was stupid. I think now it’s time to finally forget about him, I’m decided to start again, no more Suho, Minho or Jaeseop!”

“What about karma?” He inquired perplexed by my sudden determination.

“Karma? Well I’m paying my mistakes now; it must be karma, right?” I grinned.

“So May is leaving?” Zsuzsi asked G when both of them met at Seoul Mate.

“Well, actually she’s coming back in a month. She’s just taking a break from work and now that I think about it properly she deserves one”

“What about Suho? They’re still dating, right?”

“I think he doesn’t know about it, but that’s something for them to fix by themselves.”

“Poor him” Zsuzsi said, more to herself than to G. “May should break up with him; she doesn’t even have real feelings, why are they even dating?” G shrugged.

“I’ve been wondering the same, did she told you about…” he doubted for a second “About that?”

“What is that?” The girl asked puzzled. G approached to her as much as possible and mumbled some words into her ear. “She did what?” Zsuzsi yelled, turning some gazes to her, one of them belonged to a black haired and young man that sneaked behind a waitress without being noticed. 

In another place some people had the same reaction after Jaeseop finished talking. 

“You did what?!” Eli widened his eyes completely shocked by the recent confession.

“Please don’t tell me that it was your first time with a-“ Soohyun started but AJ pocked his arm.

“It’s none of your business” Hoon scolded as he threw a supportive look to Jaeseop.

“I don’t know what to do, we haven’t talked in two days and I feel that we should” The guy looked up to his friends with a frustrated expression on his face.

“Why do you need to talk about it, why don’t you just pretend you don’t remember anything?” Soohyun suggested and once again Hoon glared at him.

“You’re not exactly helping!” The leader simply shrugged, apparently not being able to understand what he had said to cause Hoon’s anger.


“You must talk to her, but try to be really natural, don’t act awkward” Eli advised. “She probably is mad with you, that’s why she haven’t talked to you either”

“Why should she be mad?” Soohyun piped up.

“Hyung!” Jaeseop lost the patience and stood up, pacing up and down the place. “She thinks I like Hayoung and she must think that I only used her for…” he messed up his hair “for that” he put unnecessary emphasis in the last word and finally Soohyun seemed to understand.

“But you didn’t use her, did you?” Hoon apparently didn’t want to believe that Jaeseop had done such a thing.

“That’s the worst part!” AJ complained “I think I actually wanted it… I mean, what happened, I desired it, I… I” He took a deep breath “I think I like her!” he finally accepted with a sigh.

“And it took you all this drama to realize it?” Eli rolled eyes.
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